Pain Management-List of Pain Management Techniques

Performing everyday activities while suffering from chronic pain can be crippling. Various pain meds suitable for relieving pain are available on the market. Finding the right one for you can be a task. However, apart from medications, there are various other pain relieving methods, such as yoga, hot therapy, cold therapy, and medications.

Constant pain frequently emerges because of any clinical issue. These types of pain last for more than 3 months and can be quite difficult to heal.

The effect of pain that have on a person can cause concentration difficulties both in their work and social life.

How can one manage pain?

The number of people having chronic pain has drastically increased in recent years. Also, it is related to different mental and actual issues like sleep deprivation issues, social separation, depression, and unreasonable use of medicine.

The various methods of pain management are discussed below,

Hot therapy

Hot therapy is a very safe and effective pain relief method that helps dilate the blood vessels thereby promoting the healing of the injury. While cold treatment loosens up the muscles and diminishes aggravation. Cold therapy is usually done by applying ice wrapped in a towel.


Massage treatment slackens tight muscles. massage treatment has different advantages like expanded adaptability, loosened up muscles, act improvement, further developed blood course, and decreases firmness


Exercise-based recuperation fortifies and stretches the muscles and joints. Doing so can relieve pain from various parts of the body. These help in coping and relieving long-term pain conditions.


Acupuncture is a practice where sterile needles are introduced into the various pressure points of the body. However, evidence suggests that they help in relieving pain only for the short term. Pain is also known to be managed by means of mind and body techniques such as Cognitive, Behavioral therapy, yoga, and tai chi. All these practices involve the unification of mind and body to manage chronic pain due to these pain conditions having an effect on the person’s mental health condition. Research and studies have shown that these practices are of immense help to reduce anxiety conditions caused due to pain, it also helps the person sleep due to their relaxed state of mind.

In case of severe and extreme pain conditions here these natural techniques are of no effect. One can be administered drug therapy. There are various medications available for pain relieving conditions and some of the most commonly prescribed are given below,


NSAIDs, otherwise called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, are this group of meds that diminishes the aggravations caused because of pain. On the downside, this group of medications is known to cause stomach and cardiovascular issues in patients therefore, consult your doctor before you start taking them.


Opioids are the most commonly prescribed medications for pain. They are prescribed for short-term usage as they can be addictive when used for long periods. Opioids should be prescribed for patients only if they do not have a history of addiction or any other mental disorders.


Antidepressants are also quite commonly prescribed aids for pain relief. Though it can take weeks before the person can experience significant pain relief it is the best-suited one for treating long-term pain conditions.


Beta-blockers are known to dial back the heart accordingly diminishing the progression of adrenaline. Treating migraines is what it is broadly utilized for. Recent studies have shown that they are effective in relieving chronic pain in women who had fibromyalgia and temporomandibular syndrome. It should be noted that the medication is not suitable for everyone and should be used only after consulting your doctor.


Medical cannabis or CBD oil is becoming people nowadays due to its role to play in relieving pain conditions. They are known to ease pain caused due to neuropathic conditions but headaches, fibromyalgia, or rheumatoid arthritis.

High doses of this can be harmful so take the amount only as prescribed by our physician.

What Are The Major Benefits Of Ice Bath Therapy?

Ice Bath? Yes, you read it right! Take a quick dip in freezing water. This method is very effective to treat and heal injuries and relieve tension in the muscles. This increases the endurance level of athletes and trainers. You might have seen athletes, fitness lovers, and weekend warriors jumping into a pool full of iced water after an intense workout or heavy activities. It is quite a common practice and technically it is known as cold-water immersion (CWI) or cryotherapy.

The benefit of doing so is that it helps relax sore muscles and improves the mood of the person. After an intense physical exercise, immersing yourself in an ice water bathtub for about 15 mins effectively relieves muscle pain and soreness.

Does Taking an ice water shower work on psychological well-being?

Though it seems like a fun activity it does have numerous health benefits both for your physical and mental well being

Swimming in an ice water pool significantly reduces anxiety and depression as your thoughts are focused on reaching your goal. This is a great exercise to perform to improve mindfulness. The body’s production of endorphins helps battle stressful feelings.

It elevates your mood and confidence due to the increased rush of adrenaline in the body. Endorphin production also plays a major role to boost confidence, mood, and performance.

How Effective is an Ice Bath for Sore muscles?

Tired in the wake of performing heavy activities, your companion could have suggested you take an ice water bath, and en route to doing such, you may be considering what are its expected advantages and whether it wise to expose your body to that temperature. Well, it is worth it and there are numerous associated with indulging in this activity after intense physical work.

It eases and relaxes the aching muscles. Most athletes mandatorily take an ice bath. Apart from making them feel good, it develops their endurance and relaxes burning muscles.

Ice Bath for athletes

A post-workout plunge into an ice bath must be the most welcoming thought and activity. Athletes and trainers subject their bodies to so much physical activity and strain that once they finish their session they feel sore and tired. Under such circumstances getting into a bath filled with ice makes them feel like heaven. The soreness, tiredness, tightness, aches, and pains all go away in just a single bath making them feel rejuvenated. This is quite a common practice in people in this field.

How long should one take an ice bath?

If you are worn out, tired, and injured after a heavy workout, researchers recommend you take an ice bath as it effectively relieves you of the aforementioned conditions. The alleviation that you experience in the wake of taking an ice bath is due to the muscle tissues fixing themselves and as the ice water eliminates lactic corrosive from the body-the muscle weakness guilty party.

Step by step instructions for an ice bath,

  •   Start by putting less ice in the water and then increase them as per the tolerance level of your body
  •   You can bathe up however long you can yet the suitable time not surpass an excess of 15 mins. Try not to push your body past its cutoff points
  •   The uncovered parts of your body ought to be kept warm. You can drink hot fluids like tea or decaffeinated espresso to hold the temperature of your body back from dropping excessively low.

Key Takeaways

Despite its numerous advantages, certain things should be kept in mind before you take an ice bath. The research on this practice is quite limited and it is recommended that one should make use of this therapy only occasionally and chronic use is highly not recommended.

Though it is still debated as to why athletes take an ice water bath, it should be done properly. Make sure to follow the necessary guideline and maintain the right temperature


Cupping therapy- Is It Good For Chronic Pain?

What is cupping therapy?

Cupping is a form of pain relief therapy that involves the placing of cups on one’s skin to improve the flow of energy into the body. It is an age-old practice that had its roots in Egypt. It is part of the healing process that is followed by numerous traditions all over the world including traditional Korean, Chinese, Unani, and Tibetan. The Greek physician Hippocrates compiled the medical description of cupping therapy that is still being used as a handbook for the practice to date.

The practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine follow this therapy. According to them, the suction helps facilitate the flow of ‘qi’(life force) in the body. It balances the yin and the yang with the body thereby enhancing the human body’s resistance to pathogens, increasing blood flow within the body, and aiding in effective pain reduction.

The cups are placed in such a way that it improves blood flow. It also helps to reduce muscle tension which further increases the flow of blood with any obstruction and helps in promoting cell repair. New connective tissue, as well as healthy blood cells, are formed too.

What are the various types of cupping?

When this therapy was first introduced during the early times, it was done with animal horns. These were then later replaced by bamboo and then ceramic. The suction was created using heat, ie. They heated the cups with fire which were applied to the skin. On cooling, the skin was sucked inside.

Cupping therapy is done by four methods,

● Dry cupping, which makes use of only the suction method
● wet/ bleeding cupping, which makes use of both cupping and controlled bleeding techniques
● Running cupping, moving the suction cups all over the body. Oil is applied to the desired area
● Flash cupping involves quick and repeated suction and release of cups on one particular area of the body.

Is cupping an effective method for pain relief?

Research that supports the claim:

In order to support the claim that cupping therapy was effective in treating chronic back pain in adults, there was a study undertaken. The protocol in place was to apply the intervention and to investigate the effectiveness of the therapy as to how the intensity of the pain reduces.
The review was conducted systematically and the meta-analysis was carried out by two independent researchers in the national and international databases. The reviews were explored and the quality of evidence was assessed according to the Jaded scale.

611 studies were identified out of which, 16 were a part of the qualitative analysis while 10 were in the quantitative analysis. The cupping therapy showed positive results and relieved them of their chronic back pain conditions. Though there is no standard treatment procedure that was being followed the outcomes of the study were identified to be significant relief in pain conditions, improved quality of life, and nociceptive threshold. Cupping therapy reduced the pain intensity which can be scored with a p=0.001
On the whole, the outcome of the research is that cupping therapy can effectively be used in the treatment of relieving back pain although the need to standardize the procedure remains.

Celebrities who have used cupping therapy:

When Michael Phelps showed up to an event with bruises all over his body people were worried that something happened to him, however, the athlete assured them that they were the results of a therapy that helped him to alleviate pain. Like Michael Phelps various other celebrities also made use of this therapy, some of them were Freida Pinto, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian West, Victoria Beckham, and Lena Dunham.

What Is The Widely Known 3-3-3 Rule For Anxiety?


It is wise to keep our mental and physical health under control and in check.  Most teens and adolescents suffer from one or other kinds of mental disorders and it seems quite common these days.
Anxiety and depression are the most common ones that affect all people irrespective of their race, nationality, or gender. When it is difficult to manage in regular times then one can imagine the impact Covid 19 would have on the minds of people. Staying indoors had made people go mad and efficiently took a toll on their mental health.

As a coping mechanism for anxiety, we try to tell ourselves that” everything is for the greater good” and calm ourselves with  “positive vibes”. Psychiatrists say that is not the right way to deal with this and rather than improving the condition it only further alleviates it.
Also checkout Kratom for Anxiety and depression.

How To Cope With Anxiety:

It does come unannounced. When feeling an overwhelming sense of fear or worry take a deep relaxing breath. Think about the situation you are worried about, identify what about the situation is making you feel anxious, and accept it.

The most commonly applied rule for controlling anxiety is the c. This helps the person focus on the present moment rather than worrying about what is yet to happen.

How Does This ‘3-3-3 rule’ Work:

Take a look around you. Take time to enjoy your surroundings.  Name three sounds that you hear around you, then move three parts of your body, any parts be it your hands, fingers, or toes, and then point in the direction of three things you see.

Doing this exercise when you are anxious can stop your brain from wandering around, imagining things unknown, creating situations unseen at 1000 miles per hour.  This exercise brings the person back to the current situation thereby pausing your episode of an oncoming anxiety attack.

Here is how you do it stepwise;

  • Inhale slowly and deeply. Try to unite all your senses
  • Follow the 3-3-3 rule.
  • Tell your friend about how you are feeling at the moment
  • Tell yourself that the feeling is normal and that anyone can experience this

Imagine that you are planting a seed within yourself. Know that this seed will not grow in harsh and harmful environments. The seed represents your health and the negative feeling of anxiousness is the harsh condition. Therefore nurture the seed with utmost care to ensure that it grows into a healthy tree.

What Are The Most Common Drugs That Doctors Prescribe For Severe Pain?

What are painkillers?

These are the medications that ease trouble brought on by heavy work, injury, operations, and consistent circumstances. Consistent aches can forge ahead for months or years.

Some Common names include:

  • Analgesics.
  • Opiates.
  • Pain relievers.  

There are various kinds of painkillers. The best one for you relies on various elements, including the avocation behind pain and its genuineness.

Some of the widely prescribed painkillers

Plan: These remedies are just accessible with a fix from a clinical advantages supplier. These provide more grounded help with trouble. They treat silly or consistent body aches.

Acetaminophen medication (Tylenol) dulls pain receptors in the cerebrum.

Nonsteroidal calming drugs (NSAIDs): NSAIDs cut down the creation of prostaglandins. These substances are designed to intensify upset tricky spots, causing irritation. NSAIDs join against inflammatory medicine compounds (Excedrin), ibuprofen (Advil and Motrin ), and naproxen sodium (Aleve).

Blend: Some painkillers contain both acetaminophen and ibuprofen (an NSAID).

Certain OTC cerebral exacerbation solutions also have caffeine.

Skin: You can apply this aggravation drug directly to your skin. It comes as a cream, gel, shower, or fix. Convincing cures block pain receptors in the mind. They could contain unfriendly to inflammatory medicine, lidocaine, capsaicin pepper, or other prescription. Two or three skin prescriptions cause the skin to feel more steamy or cooler. Average brands are Aspercreme and Ben-Gay.

What are over-the-counter painkillers?

Over-the-counter (OTC): These arrangements are accessible at stores. Any grown-up can get them at any of the certified stores.

What do over-the-counter painkillers treat?

OTC devastation drugs lower fevers and straightforwardness pain from an assortment of issues, including:

  • Joint distress, bursitis, and tendonitis.
  • Back strains and wounds.
  • Broken bones.
  • Consumes, including consumption from the sun.
  • Colds, influenza, and ear contaminations.
  • Cerebral miseries and headaches.
  • Female fits (dysmenorrhea).
  • Muscle distress, including neck ache.
  • Activities and minor techniques.
  • Toothaches.

What is such a course of action as a painkiller?

Fix drugs give more grounded help from bother than OTC remedies. Kinds of game plan painkillers include:

Antidepressants: Antidepressants work on designed escalates called brain associations in the cerebrum. These medications turn out to be brutish for persistent trouble, including headaches. The best help with disquiet comes from tricyclics (Elavil ) and serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs), like Effexor and Cymbalta. Centers around show that specific serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) like Prozac don’t turn out too much for certain aches.

SSRIs could make other pain cures less solid.

Threatening to seizure solutions: Medications for epilepsy obstruct pain messages to the cerebrum. Types join gabapentin (Gaborone) and pregabalin (Lyrica). These drugs can ease nerve pain or also named as neuralgia and fibromyalgia.

Muscle relaxers: These aids decline torture by relaxing close muscles. They furthermore decline muscle fits.

Tranquilizers: Opioids are lab-made narcotic torture drugs. They change how your frontal cortex sees torture messages. Since they can be propensity illustrating, clinical idea providers just irregularly support narcotics for perpetual torture. You could take opiates for a short time frame outline diagram design after an action or terrible injury. Codeine, fentanyl, hydrocodone, and morphine are generally narcotics.

Steroids: Corticosteroids are solid directing prescriptions. Like NSAIDs, they hold your body back from making made increases that cause compounding and are annoying. Steroids, for example, Prednisone treat cerebral agonies and over-the-top joint exacerbation and back ache.

Skin: Your supplier can pick among novel feasibility skin creams, gels, showers, and fixes. They can ease muscle wretchedness, joint aggravation, and fibromyalgia. Types combine lidocaine (Lidoderm) skin patches.


Traditional Chinese Medicine for Cold and Flu Treatment

With the arrival of the cold and flu season, there are none who seem to escape its clutches. Though there is still no effective cure for either cold or flu, measures can be taken to aid in fast recovery.

A flu shot is one common prevention method and it helps boost your immunity too. However, traditional methods are more effective and do not have side effects that you need to be worried about. suggests feasible natural treatment option (i.e) Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM). Not only do they help relieve your condition, but they also trigger the natural healing process of your body.

What Exactly Is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

As the name suggests, these medications have their origin in China and involve the practice of herbalism, acupuncture, cupping, massage or tuina, gua sha, and physical approaches like tai chi and qi gong. The fundamental standard on which these practices are based is that the qi is the essential energy that aids through the physical and mental recuperating process, and the yin and yang are the contradicting energies of life. Their belief system holds fast that the factors on which a person is affected by cold or flu are determined by the conditions of each individual and the treatment is provided depending on whether the patient is exhibiting symptoms of cold, heat, or even dampness.

One best way to prevent colds and the flu is by keeping one’s immune system strong and healthy. Incidental visits to a TCM professional during pre-fall or late-summer are strongly suggested as they help develop resistance by treating with spices and needle therapy that are explicit for this specific reason.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine:

As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure” and it is true. Notwithstanding avoidance, TCM utilizes spices and food sources which can set off the regular recuperating capacities of one’s body. When one goes in for treatment, the specialist is able to identify what is wrong with the patient and provide appropriate treatment and strengthen the weakest links.

The Chinese are well known for their herbology, and the backbone of the medical practices involves the proper usage and blending of the herbs. More than drugs, herbs can do wonders for one’s cold and flu conditions.

Just because you have heard that herbs are good, do not take them based on any information that you have read about on the websites. There is a right way to take these herbs and caution should be exercised too such as taking only those that are recommended for you by a board-certified TCM practitioner, being consistent in taking them during the recommended duration, and avoiding the usage of any other herbs or medicals during the prescribed duration.

A TCM practitioner will guide you on the correct usage of the herb like what may be the right one for the condition that ails you, the right method of intake, the dosage, and the duration.

Common formulations for cold and flu are,

  • Jade Windscreen or Yu Ping Feng San
  • Turmeric, Ginger, and Cinnamon Blend
  • Gui Zhi Tang
  • Yin Qiao San

Jade Windscreen Powder:

This blend traces all the way back to the Chinese Yu Ping Feng San tradition and has been being used from that point forward. It comprises a powdered mix of Atractylodes Trusted Source Rhizome, Astragalus root, and Siler Root. Together they improve and strengthen the immunity of the person and provide protection against any external viral infections.

Turmeric, Ginger, and Cinnamon Blend

One best treatment for cold and flu is making tea by mixing a blend of these common kitchen herbs. Why is this the best remedy? It is because this mixture heats your body (not in a dangerous way) and makes you break into a sweat. Through this, all the unwanted elements are pushed out from your body.

Surveying the singular parts,

Ginger: notable for its antiviral and antibacterial properties, decreases sickness.

Turmeric: Known for the quieting benefits it will in general be added to bone stock or taken as a pill.

Cinnamon: cancer prevention agents and mitigating properties. Helps battle bacterial and parasitic diseases.

Gui Zhi Tang:

The ingredients of this mixture are cinnamon,  fresh ginger, white peony root, licorice root, jujube fruits, and honey. This is the most recommended and best remedy for flu that is accompanied by chills, fever, nasal discharge, body aches, and sweating. It acts as a decongestant and provides instant relief.

Yin Qiao San:

Ingredients comprise honeysuckle blossoms, aged soybeans, peppermint leaves, bamboo leaves, forsythia, swell bloom root, and edible burdock. It decreases thirst and diminishes sore throat. All the ingredients have anti-viral properties and in case the flu is more pronounced with a severe sore throat, a stronger version of this blend known as Gan Mao Ling is recommended.

Other Treatment Methods:

The previously mentioned natural blend ought to just be endorsed by an authorized TCM expert.

Apart from these herbal remedies, other treatment options are also available for the relief of cold and flu. They are Gua Sha, Acupuncture, Cupping, and Moxibustion. These holistic approaches also guarantee an overall balance and wellness.

Gua Sha:

This practice involves stroking one’s skin in a downward motion with a smooth-edged tool after applying soothing oils or balms. They help relax the chest and upper back and aid in instant relief of congestion in the lungs. The capillaries are relaxed which leads to the increased activity of white blood cells.


This training includes the sticking of small needles into specific focuses on the skin to invigorate the ideal reaction. This promotes circulation, pain modulation, and fast healing of wounds.


The process involves placing cups on your skin which creates a suction that when removed increases the blood flow, alleviates muscle tension, and promotes tissue repair.


Moxibustion is incorporating the use of moxa (a mixture of ground mugwort leaves) to be placed in areas where the needle is placed in the body. Exploration and studies have shown that this conceivably builds the white platelets consequently further developing invulnerability.

Find A Licensed Practitioner:

Though all the above information may seem easy to practice, there are nuances unknown to the common man that is efficiently handled by a specialist. Look for one who has an active license in the practice. On the off chance that you are an American resident, you can search for the Genuity of the specialist by utilizing an instrument on the Office of the Professions site to look at the accreditations of the expert. With the right choice and the right doctor, getting through the flu season can be easy, peasy lemon squeezy!

Prescribed Hair Loss Medication – Effectiveness, Side Effects, and Where to get

Hair Loss can be frustrating and with the numerous products available in the market, choosing the right one can be a herculean task. None of us have a strong heart to experiment on each and one before settling on the right product and visits to hair specialists or dermatologists can be expensive. The solution? Well, there are so many customized products. For different types of hair loss, the treatment options also vary. It is different for men and women and the formulations are made in such a way to stimulate hair growth, slow hair loss, improve the effectiveness, and reduce side effects.

For the benefit of our users, has compiled a list of useful medications for hair loss.

Hair Loss Medications:

These comprise oral pills or skin equations and are accessible both as a remedy and over-the-counter drugs. The most common name when it comes to hair loss treatment is,


Known by its brand name Rogaine, Minoxidil is the active ingredient that reduces hair loss and promotes hair growth. It is accessible to be purchased as an over-the-counter drug and is endorsed by the FDA for androgenic alopecia and female pattern hair loss. Visible results were seen in users who took this medication. When used in towel-dried hair, it took up to 4mths. Minoxidil is accessible as fluids, froths, and shampoos.


This is a hair loss remedy for use in men. It is an oral prescription medication and is sometimes available as a topical application medication too. It is utilized to treat androgenic alopecia by invigorating hair regrowth and fundamentally lessening balding.


Aside from forestalling and treating balding circumstances, prescriptions like Spironolactone are likewise utilized as a diuretic pill to treat hypertension and as off-name use, it is additionally recommended for going bald treatment in ladies. It is an oral physician-recommended drug and is explicitly utilized in ladies because of the prescription’s designated exercises on specific chemicals. Aldactone is the brand form containing spironolactone albeit nonexclusive renditions of the medicine are additionally accessible.


This FDA-supported prescription is utilized to treat an amplified prostate condition in men and one of its unexpected advantages is decreasing hair loss. It helped those suffering from androgenic alopecia by stimulating hair growth. The results are far better than those who used finasteride. On the disadvantage, both these prescriptions can have secondary effects. Both these are prescribed for men and not suitable for men as the components aim to stimulate male hormones.

Working Of Hair Loss Medications:

All that we know is that the aforementioned medication reduces hair fall and stimulates hair growth. However, each drug has its own way of achieving this effect.

Minoxidil: This drug works by shortening the resting period of the hair development cycle and pushing them up to the dynamic development stage.

Finasteride: It hinders the activity of change of one chemical to one more that causes going bald in men.

Spironolactone: The activity of the male hormones known as androgens are slowed thus slowing down hair loss due to androgenic alopecia and promoting hair growth.

Dutasteride: The medication’s working is similar to that of finasteride. It hinders the protein that changes over testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.

Does Hair Loss Medication Have Side Effects?

When taking pills or topical medications for hair loss there might be side effects or possibilities of interactions. Interactions occur when taking the drug along with other medications. Coming up next are the rundown of conceivable results of each medication

Conceivable results of minoxidil incorporate,

  • Expanded development of body hair
  • Bothering on the scalp
  • Obscured body hair

Sexual wellbeing related incidental effects incorporate,

  • Decreased sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction and ejaculation
  • Increased size of male breasts

Possible Side Effects Of Spironolactone include;

  • Lightheadedness
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Queasiness

When taken by pregnant ladies, the parts of this prescription are known to cause antagonistic consequences for the improvement of the embryo. It is best that you keep away from the use of the prescription while pregnant. Assuming you experience any incidental effects while treating balding circumstances by means of drugs, you should tell your primary care physician right away.

Where Can I Buy Hair Loss Medications:

Minoxidil is an effective open and promptly accessible treatment choice while brands like Rogaine are broadly accessible to be purchased over the counter at drug stores and online retailers as well. There are various subscription-based telehealth platforms from where you can buy your medicine from. All you have to do is look for a licensed site that sells them. Before making a purchase you should know which form is the most suitable one for you, oral pills, foams, or solutions. Certain websites offer a 3 month supply with a product price of $195.  The initial three months of the product supply are discounted after which you will have to pay the complete amounts. Coupons will also be available on a regular basis. Turn on the notifications under such circumstances to avail the benefit. For those medications that require prescriptions, one must have a valid one from a licensed specialist before making the purchase.

Other Treatments For Hair Loss:

Maintaining a proper diet and taking proper care of your health can help minimize hair fall. Consuming foods rich in vitamin content especially VitaminA, VitaminC, VitaminB, and VitaminD. Foods rich in iron and zinc contents also reduce hair fall to a great extent. The major component required for healthy hair is protein, so it is mandatory to consume protein-rich foods.

Apart from medication, other treatment options are also available including micro-needling, steroid injections, platelet-rich plasma procedures, and hair transplants. These can be quite painful but effective in the long term.

When Should I Contact A doctor?

Contact a doctor as soon as you notice you are losing a substantial amount of hair. Early detection and early diagnosis can provide remedial treatments at the earliest. If the situation worsens, an appropriate switch will be recommended by your doctor.

The most usually endorsed treatment is minoxidil or oral finasteride for men. Biotin or VitaminB7 can likewise be recommended for balding as it is an enhancement to upgrade the hair, skin, and nails. It improves the thickness of the hair and its overall quality.

Your hair is one of the confidence boosters. Therefore it is mandatory to take good care of it. Read the article and go for the one that suits you well. If you are comfortable with choosing telemedicine services, go for it with appropriate guidance.

What are the health outcomes when using Tramadol with no rx online? – Study JMR Pub

Have you heard of the pain medication called Tramadol? It is one of the nonbenzodiazepine drugs that come under the group of opioid analgesics for the treatment of pain. Tramadol is very effective when it comes to treating pain that the action mechanism starts off within a short time for pain relief. This pill needs to be administered in low doses for a short period of time to treat normal and chronic pain. It can cause side effects when it is consumed beyond the prescribed doses. Some of the side effects of Tramadol even include dizziness, drowsiness, sweating, dry mouth, etc. This is why it is important to buy Tramadol medication from trusted online Tramadol dispensaries like Here, all pills are clinically tested and approved for the medical uses. Apart from this legitimate online dispensary, there are few other reliable online places available in the market.

Even, this opioid medication is available at traditional drug stores. But with the inception of the Internet, online dispensaries have really become the choice of the people who wish to buy high-quality pills at ease. However, you will have to do your own research before you choose an authentic Tramadol dispensary that is trustworthy and reliable. But the main issue comes in the form of medication overdose and abuse, due to which it is important to get a prescription from the doctor. You can also get Tramadol at online drug stores without a prescription but it comes with serious risks that are going to be dealt with in detail in this article.

Health Outcomes of buying Tramadol online without prescription

To know in detail about the health outcomes of buying Tramadol online without prescription, a study was created through specific methods to address the problem and collect results on the same. Also, based on the results, certain conclusions have been inferred to understand whether the outcomes of buying the medications online without a prescription has resulted positively or negatively.


This study was initiated due to the availability of prescription medications like Tramadol that can be bought online easily even without a prescription. This background is the main reason why this study was initiated to address the health outcome.

Scope of the Study

The study was aimed to compare the health of people who bought a Tramadol pill online without a prescription and those who bought it from online dispensaries legally. The study also focuses on the sudden rise of opioid pill purchases at online drugstores than the traditional pharmacies.


The Internet has evolved exponentially in the last two decades and the growth of the Internet has also spread to the Pharmaceutical companies, where many drug stores have started their online branches for specific medications. Also, on a deeper analysis, it shows that the online dispensaries offer a convenient way of purchase for medications like Tramadol. It has also been proved that the cost of medications at online drug stores is much cheaper than the ones available at traditional stores. This variation in price is due to the fact that online drug stores do not have the inventory and maintenance costs incurred by traditional stores. All they need is a website and to manage it efficiently at reduced costs. This enables the online pharmacies to offer Tramadol medication at low costs to their customers. Also, why customers prefer these online pharmacies is due to the privilege of getting the medication delivered at their doorstep without any struggle.

After the 1990s, the online dispensaries have grown in huge number due to the success of the first-ever online pharmacy. This paved the way for traffickers and abusers to mediate their fake medications online for profits. And it even became easier for customers when some of the illegal online dispensaries started offering medications without the need for a prescription to their customers. Once this trend started to set in, several complaints and reports rocked the Government, prompting the officials to come up with severe legislation on the online purchase of medications like Tramadol. A survey was also conducted to study the legitimacy of the online dispensaries, which led to some of the most alarming results. The Government initiated several programs to really bring down the number of rogue online dispensaries in order to secure consumer safety.

In spite of all these measures, customers somehow to reach the illegal online dispensaries by bypassing the laws smartly. The major issues that this study tries to address are the increased use of online pharmacies instead of legal ways and the poor health outcomes of the people who buy their Tramadol medications from pharmacies that don’t demand a prescription.

Method of Analysis

It was evident that the only population who use Tramadol medication have to be singled out or separated in order to study their demographics along with various other factors. To make this possible, this painkiller was selected as the representative drug as mentioned before and the Internet tools were used to highlight the Tramadol population. Google ads and other SEO tools were used to search for keywords related to the word Tramadol. The opioid drug advertisements were created and the ads appeared on the sites browsed by the users who have searched for Tramadol in the past. So the population was highlighted now and from there it led to the stage of the survey. People who clicked on this medication ads were directed to an online survey that posed several queries to the users on topics such as intended use, schedule, dosage, legitimate or illegitimate drug use and much more.

Analysis of Data

The data revealed that up to 450 patients too up the survey out of which 350 patients have acquired their Tramadol medications from legal online stores through a valid prescription. However, the remaining people have obtained their Tramadol medication illegally from online dispensaries without presenting a prescription. This population was labeled as non-traditional users.


The results showed that almost all the non-traditional Tramadol users chose Tramadol due to the pain they experienced. Also, most of the non-traditional users reported that they chose to buy Tramadol without a prescription since they needed extra doses of the pill. Also, 29% of the non-traditional users claimed that they found the prices to be cheaper at dispensaries that didn’t demand a prescription. Coming to the health outcomes, the study showed that people who bought Tramadol without a medical Rx suffered more side effects or adverse effects than the ones who bought it from legitimate sources with a prescription. In fact, 7 % of the non-traditional users experienced seizures as side effects which were not seen even in 1% of the other populations.


Though the online dispensaries provide great benefits to their customers, the illegal pharmacies that sell fake medications also pose considerable risks in the form of adverse health outcomes in public. The convincing explanation for these outcomes can be due to the lack of a doctor or a health care professional’s supervision on dosage, schedule, frequency and other factors. Hence, this study raises an opportunity for discussion on the role of online pharmacies and the need to bring about intense medical regulations for the safety and security of the public.


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Best CBD oil for Pain | Where to Buy CBD oil?

What was once ignored has climbed up back to make its stand firm and steady yet again? It’s none other than the CBD oil. Years back it was largely used in various medical treatments, but with advancements flooding in, the face of CBD slowly faded off.

Old is gold is the apt saying here. CBD’s wide range of benefits has been dug out and is spreading like wildfire. People are in search of knowing more and more of its users to buy it as soon as possible.

Although the internet is jammed with information, there are not more than a handful of them which are really of good quality. Often people go astray in the process of learning about CBD, and mainly in the buying decision of best CBD online.

In this article, we strive to give in as much as of quality information which would enlighten you on the most sought about questions like, what is CBD oil, Its benefits, and role in pain management and most importantly from where to buy the best CBD oil online.

Let’s get to the point without much dragging.

What is CBD oil?

CBD is regarded as the gem amongst the other 104 cannabinoids, which are found from the cannabis plant. This chemical compound can serve as a natural remedy for a variety of health problems. It is extracted and combined with carrier oils; most commonly used ones are hemp seed or coconut oil to form the so-called CBD oil.

Voices are raised against CBD, due to the misunderstanding between it and another well-known cannabinoid capable of triggering psychoactive activities when consumed. This chemical compound is known as tetrahydrocannabinol, popularly called the THC. CBD is rich in therapeutic properties and is considered safe and non- addictive substance.

The optimum level of CBD and THC together brings in the entourage effect that creates wonders in the treatment of a wide range of ailments. This synergy comes into action when the concentration of CBD is on the upper hand as compared to that of THC.

Our body has a regulatory system very similar to that in the cannabis plant called the endocannabinoid system. The CBD and THC interact with our body and create the desired effects through this.

The next question about CBD many have is about its legality of CBD. Almost all states in the United States have accepted the use of medical CBD derived from the industrial hemp with the restrictions on the THC content (0.3% or less than that).

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

The basis of why CBD is capable of stealing the hearts of users is the vast benefits it possesses. What not can CBD cure? A list of ailments begins right from simple acne problems, chronic pain, post trauma, and stress, anxiety, epilepsy, neuro problem, cancer and many more yet to be found out.

From the historic time, CBD was famous for its ability to treat pain. Added to this, recently numerous researched and studies state that various kinds of pain can be addressed by CBD.CBD doesn’t restrict its effect on repairing the physical problems, but also the mental health of a person can also be taking care of. The commonly seen mental issues such as anxiety and depression can be treated with no side effects and addiction.

Anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties take CBD to a higher level as a medical drug. The symptoms and side effects of cancer is always a bad dream. The vomiting, nausea, loss of sleep is simple ones to mention from it. CBD helps those patients to recover from it effectively in no much time.

The neurons of our central nervous system act with CBD and bring in stunning impact to neuro problems. Epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, seizures can all be treated with CBD.

Apart from all these, CBD still has huge benefits. Few to mention are the Antipsychotic effects, substance abuse treatment, diabetes prevention, regulation of blood pressure and reducing various heart-related risk etc.

  • For a wrap, here is a brief list of the ailments CBD is capable of treating
  • Autoimmune diseases (inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Neurological conditions (Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Huntington’s chorea, stroke, traumatic brain injury)
  • Metabolic syndrome (diabetes, obesity)
  • Neuropsychiatric illness (autism, ADHD, PTSD, alcoholism)
  • Gut disorders (colitis, Crohn’s)
  • Cardiovascular dysfunction (atherosclerosis, arrhythmia)
  • Skin disease (acne, dermatitis, psoriasis)

Potential effects of CBD oil?

Having understood the benefits, it’s evident that CBD is capable of creating Magic in the lives of suffering people. The potent of the CBD oil is highly visible in the treatment of the following:-

CBD oil for Pain relief

CBD and pain management is one the greatest combo that the world has gone crazy for. One person or another undergoes some kind of pain and their life staggers due to it. Let it be a simple pain arising out of muscle tightening, it hinders the daily routine of a person in the number of ways, to begin with, the morning workouts till evening walks. CBD helps the muscles to relax and enable the person to regain mobility in no time if it’s used before and after the exercise or the initial act of the day.

Wanna know how exactly CBD does this? For that, you have to understand that few important activities of our body are managed by a regulatory system known as the Endo cannabinoid system (ECS) such as sleep, appetite, pain and immune response. CBD interact with the receptors that connect to this system and help in reducing the related inflammation and rectify other internal problems and alleviate the pain.

A major reason why CBD can be used for pain relief is that it has the least side effects and addiction which is most commonly seen in other pharmaceutical medicines used as typical over the counter pain killers.

Importantly, if pain relief is your major concern, it’s better to use full spectrum CBD rather than the CBD isolates, as the analgesic property come s in to effect only with the synergy of CBD with THC.

Yet the whole concept of who CBD helps in pain management is not fully understood. Researches are done more and more to know this wonder completely.

CBD oil for Energy

Chasing behind the fast-evolving world, it’s not a surprise to run out of energy. Various companies and brands bring in varieties of energy-boosting products such as drinks, tablets, powders etc., but they aren’t safe and completely effective for a longer time period.

CBD oil in form of drops or tinctures can be used to increase the level of energy in a person. Worry not, it just boost your energy and doesn’t bring in any mind altering or pschyo active effects.

The correct level of homeostasis can be managed by CBD. This balance is necessary to avoid diseases and health issues in a person.

It helps in boosting the energy by strengthening the body cell which otherwise will make you feel sleepy and lazy. These characteristics make CBD a favorite among the athletes.

CBD oil for anxiety

Two most important mental health disorders that are widely known for its aftermath are anxiety and depression. If you don’t believe in this statement, a glimpse into the World Health Organization’s reports would show you Depression standing as the single largest contributor to disability worldwide, followed by anxiety disorders in the sixth place.

When Anxiety and depression are treated with pharmaceutical drugs, a whole lot of side effects such as disturbances, sluggishness, insomnia, sexual    dysfunctioning, and headaches affect the users. Furthermore, addiction is largely a problem faced by them.

CBD comes in to play the role of savior by treating both depression and anxiety. This natural remedy poses the antidepressant-like effects which significantly contributes to reviving the patients’ illness. Also, CBD works with the receptors of the brain to regulate the mood and social behavior of the user.

CBD oil for sleep

The correlation between sound sleep and good health is relatively very high. A person needs to have an adequate amount of sleep to provide time for the body to heal and rejuvenate itself from various ailments.

CBD can do a lot in restoring sleep in to the lives of the patients. If the sleeplessness is due to some kind of pain, CBD helps alleviate the related inflammation and so reduce the pain and improve the quality of sleep.

Also, CBD when is administered in small doses, will induce alertness and lowers the daytime sleeping thus makes the person have sound sleep to compensate at the night.

The REM sleep abnormalities and post-trauma stress disorders are widely treated using CBD.

Types of CBD oil

CBD is able to render its effect at various intensities depending upon its concentration and quality. Based on a broad classification, there are two main categories of CBD depending upon its concentration and quality.

They are;

CBD isolates

CBD isolate is as named suggests isolation of CBD from all the other cannabinoids found from Cannabis. All the unwanted substances such as dirt, plant remains etc. are removed during the extraction process. CBD isolates are usually pure, crystalline powder which contains 99% of CBD. With such a high concentration, the medical effect it offers is stimulated to a greater level. And completely no THC, it is 100% safe for those who have concerns over the THC content in it.

Full spectrum oil

Full spectrum CBD oil, on the other hand, contains all the other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. It is extracted from the entire hemp plant. Being enriched with a variety of cannabinoids its scope for treating ailments also widens. The highlight is the entourage effect it brings in the user, meaning the synergy created when all cannabinoids work together has a wonderful impact upon using.

Different Products of CBD oil

Whatever be the type of CBD, there are always concerns over the means of ingestion. Each person has their own requirements as in about the taste, flavor, convenient for using, ease of carrying it around, a time frame for showing the impact. To cater to all these, CBD is manufactured in various forms such as:-

CBD Tinctures

These are nothing but the CBD hemp oil in form of a liquid, stored in small bottles with droppers attached or nowadays comes in form of sprays. These tinctures are meant for oral consumption. These have a high concentration of CBD and bring in benefits like calmness and relaxation. It is available in various flavors making its consumption a lot easier.

CBD vape oil

This is the quickest means to see the effects of CBD in your body. It just takes minutes to calm you and then bring in its delightful experience. Vaping is an effortless task which anyone can take up. Just be careful about the type of vaporizer or vape pen you use. It’s advisable to use a vaporizer with a ceramic heating element. And also make sure your vape oil seems uniform and is crystal clear and transparent if not usage of such ununiformed oil will spill up during its use and ruin the vaporizer.

CBD Gummies

Gummies are CBD edibles which are introduced to make your CBD consumption fun. Always having medicines would make you feel sick and unhealthy even if you are really recovering, for that the CBD manufacturers have discreetly infused CBD into various food items like chocolates, gummies, etc.

These CBD gummies are usually vibrant looking edibles which taste extremely yummy..! They are completely safe and bring in the same impact as CBD consumed as capsules. For those people who are shy to show their consumption of CBD, the gummies can help to camouflage it well.

CBD isolates

As mentioned earlier in this post, CBD isolates are the 100% pure CBD with no other chemical compound mixed with it. The CBD extracted eliminates all kind of unwanted substances such as dirt, metals etc. This crystalline powder can be used for retrieving maximum benefits of CBD.

CBD topical

For those who are not comfortable with other means like capsules or oil, CBD as a topical agent serves their use and can just be applied directly on the affected area. CBD topical is usually used for relieving pain and soreness, lowers the inflammation, and bring in soothing effect on the inflammatory skin problems such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema.

CBD capsules

The most traditional form of ingestion is the capsules and pills. CBD capsules are always the best way to opt as you can be precise over the measurement of CBD in each capsule and thus can administer the dosages effectively with no much confusion over it.

Other CBD oil product terms in the market

Other than the above-said products there are various other CBD products in circulation as in full spectrum CBD oils, CBD chocolates, drinks, beauty products, creams etc.

The varieties increase day by day with each manufacturing trying to capture a segment of the market with some unique selling proposition.

What is the Best CBD oil for Pain relief?

CBD has a huge effect on pain management. Various types of pain can be relieved using CBD products. The major advantage of CBD over the normal pharmaceutical pain killers is that it comes with minimal or no side effects and is absolutely safe and non-addictive.

This effect is brought about by CBD, with its interaction with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system of the human body. The CBD works with the CB 1 and CB 2 receptors to show its results.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are basically oils or sprays that are used orally. When this is consumed orally, specifically when kept under the tongue, it mixes with the saliva and gets into the body through easily rather than having it digested through other means. And because of this CBD tinctures alleviates pain in short span of time.

CBD isolates

CBD isolates being 100 % pure can reflect the whole capability of CBD in pain management. It’s widely used to treat chronic pain in a short span of time. With no THC content, the usually seen addiction or drowsiness attached to the normal pharmaceutical pain killer is completely nil in the CBD isolates.

Where to Buy CBD oil for pain?

  • Assure CBD

It is a highly recommended website for buying quality CBD oil from online in 2019. It has gained a considerable reputation by catering best CBD oil to its users. They are the best in delivering high-quality CBD oil at an affordable cost. They claim to provide their services overall states of the United States and also overseas with various attractive offers, discounts etc. If you want the best Cannabis products, then you can buy CBD oil from Assure CBD

  • Nuleaf Naturals

By sourcing the premium quality full spectrum CBD oil all the way from Colorado, they have been a huge success in the industry in recent times. They are trade only Full spectrum CBD oil but to various users such as end users, retailers, wholesalers etc. having assurance over their product, they give out a 30-day return facility.

What is the Best CBD oil for anxiety?

CBD oil and its relation in treating anxiety are widely talked about for its effective results with a short span of time. When a person suffers from anxiety, many routine functions of the body gets disturbed, for instance, insomnia is a prominent issue that is found to be relevant in most of the patients suffering from anxiety.

Researches claim that almost 60% of people attained relief from anxiety and depression with the use of CBD. The interaction of CBD with the body’s endocannabinoid system through the receptors is what is able to bring in the desired effect.

However, the results of CBD depend greatly upon the quality of the CBD used. Not every other CBD product in the market will yield the discussed impact. Make sure the CBD product you buy derived from hemp that is cultivated organically and is extracted using good techniques such as CO2 method.

What is the Best CBD oil to boost energy?

CBD oil is best for boosting your metabolism. Mitochondria are a part of our cell, which is considered as the powerhouse. With the intake of CBD, the mitochondria of our cells gets stimulated to work harder, eventually resulting in enhancing your energy.

The full spectrum CBD oil is considered as better for boosting the energy. Once the CBD enters the body, it reacts with the endocannabinoid system by activating the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Use of CBD drops in this has its own advantages. As for newbies, it is easy for ingestion and using it orally, under tongue brings in more immediate results than through any other means. CBD enters the bloodstream avoiding the digestive system and works faster.

CBD is widely used by athletes for this befit of boosting energy levels by incorporating a few drops of CBD.

The THC content in the CBD helps you to stay focused and active. Worry not about going high, the THC content will be very less, not more than 0.3%.

Can CBD oil help with depression?

Yes, with no doubt, CBD extends its helping hand to not cure the situation but definitely improve the symptoms to a great extent. Here is how CBD help in coping up with depression.

Basically, cannabis acts as faster than any other antidepressants, with no addictive tendencies or many side effects. CBD is a natural remedy that treats depression and also gives peace of mind to the patient. Along with treating depression, CBD helps to tackle the stress, come out of anxiety, get good sleep, induce hunger and concentration and creates an overall positive mood. To understand why you need to know about the endocannabinoid system of our body.

The functions such as mood, pain, sleep, appetite etc. are managed by a regulatory system known as the endocannabinoid system. The cannabinoids formed in our body, interact with the receptors which stimulate the actions of a chemical compound called the serotonin. This serotonin is the link to the receptors of the brain. Then the serotonin binds with the related receptors, a big list of activities is initiated which ultimately results in improving the mood and controls the stress.

CBD manages the activities of endocannabinoids and influences the impact of serotonin. On the whole, resulting in improving

Various studies indicate that the use of CBD over a period of time have decreased the levels of depressive symptoms as compared to those who didn’t. Additionally, the negative emotions or pictures in the mind of the patient are altered by the THC content in the CBD oil.

If you go deeper, you’ll find that the stress is the basis for most of the depression, CBD tries to bring in a balance of mood thus reducing the stress and helping with the depression.

For the pain management its better use the CBD oil in the form of tinctures and capsules.

Can CBD oil help with cancer?

CBD has a great role to play in regard to the treatment of cancer and its effects and symptoms. Not everyone would believe that a simple drug like CBD can bring in remarkable changes in a deadly disease like cancer. But it has been well validated by various researches, which shows that CBD when combined with THC, can slow down the development of the cancer cell and also has the capability to destroy a certain type of cancer cells.

Furthermore, well-reputed organizations such as The National Cancer Institute puts forward that both the cannabinoids, CBD and THC are very useful in curing the impacts of cancer especially that of chemotherapy. Also, CBD helps cancer patients to recover from the stress and trauma that they go through the entire mediation process.

The effects of CBD are many, to state a few it has anti- inflammatory properties, can block cell growth, restrict the development of blood vessels that supply tumors, and even aid in antiviral activities.

CBD has been able to bring in rays of hope into the lives of cancer patients and do a lot to make their lives better than before.

Where does CBD oil come from?

CBD actually is derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant, which is mostly grown over the states of the United States. With legal restrictions, the cultivation of CBD has always been a problem. But with the recent declaration of Farm Bill 2018, the medical CBD has been legalized and thus its cultivation can be flourished. CBD is mostly extracted from industrial hemp so that the THC content is either nil or less than 0.3%.

Its often difficult to know and check on its source to know its quality, to substitute this you can always look for third-party lab test reports to know if the product of good quality and thus can be assured of its source.

Using CBD oil to help with alcohol withdrawal Alcoholism is a serious issue, that’s hard to get over. Many life-threatening situations happen due to it. And we must be thankful to CBD for its potential to save lives from alcohol addiction.

When alcohol is consumed, it disturbs the whole neurochemical balance in the brain. It increases the level of dopamine and GABA((gamma-aminobutyric acid). On the other hand, it also decreases the existence of CB 1 receptors. This unbalancing situation is rectified by CBD.

And now, how to use cannabis to overcome the alcohol. When in a phase of retreat, you will encounter withdrawal symptoms. CBD edibles can help you deal with it. It’s because the impact of edibles is stronger and lasts longer. When you consume CBD, your body can manage the cravings part.

Insomnia is largely seen in people who try to quit alcohol. Not able to sleep over days makes your whole metabolism, a mess. By consuming cannabis products you will be able to restore your sleep and your body recovers better with much needed natural healing.

How to use CBD oil?

Finding CBD oil from this huge cannabis market can be easily procured. But, what next? How to use is where people most often go wrong and end up with incorrect measurements which don’t give you desired results. It is they who go around spreading bad comments on CBD and its impact.

There is no prescribed dosage for CBD by any reputed organizations. It’s always the vendors who go about giving their own prescriptions. But on a general note, whatever be your means of ingestion be, start consuming CBD in very small quantities and then observe and monitor its effect in your body and then gradually increase.

As you never know how CBD works with each person, as factors such as weight, age, health conditions all play a role in using the CBD.

What are the side effects of CBD oil?

CBD has attained such a reputation in midst of the people as a remarkable medication is for its minimal side effects. there are no such incidents that state extreme side effects, however, to state a few, which are observed through various studies are:-

  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite
  • Fatigue

However much of this can be avoided if a physician is consulted before the use of CBD so that effects that are caused due to the interference of already consuming medications can be avoided.

Where to Buy CBD oil?

It’s always easy to read about CBD and get stunned with its benefits. But to experience it in real time you have to primarily find the correct source to buy from. Buying premium quality CBD is not an easy task in this highly competitive Cannabis market. You can avail CBD products from places like: –

  • Local stores
  • Dispensaries
  • Online vendors

Out of these, the most preferred on is the online purchase for its wide scope. You can get an ample number of varieties under various price levels; you can compare many vendors and their products, quality, price and other elements with no time. Moreover, who wouldn’t want quality products to reach their doorstep with minimal efforts and cost?

Where Can I buy CBD oil?

There are thousands of websites, hundreds of CBD brands selling CBD oil online. Yet it is very hard to pick the good one out of all. Anyway, if you are looking for the best CBD oil for pain, Assure CBD is the right place from where you can get CBD oil products with at most quality.

Is CBD oil a better treatment for pain management than prescription drugs?

The voice of CBD oil advocates is growing louder by the day and you can find many articles talking about how it can be used to treat inflammation, chronic pain, and anxiety. Why there are articles that talk about its ability to fight cancer and diabetes. The list of articles supporting CBD oil seems to be endless and the same can be said about people who said they have used organic cannabidiol in the place of pharmaceutical drugs and found the results to be same or in certain cases better.

Many people are not convinced by these articles. They are of the opinion that these are random stores and one cannot categorize them as the opinion of the people. Keeping this thought in mind we have decided to have a good look into whether CBD oil is actually effective. However, we are not the only ones. The number of studies being conducted about the effectiveness of CBD oil as a natural remedy will astound everyone. But before we proceed any further into this topic, we must first clear some of the doubts that surround CBD oil.

CBD oil in terms that is easy to understand

There is some confusion about CBD oil and it is best to clear some of these confusions before moving further. The main confusion is what is CBD oil?

cbd oil in termsCBD oil is a cannabinoid that one extracts from the cannabis plant. Since this is the same plant that produces THC many people are confused. However, CBD does not have the psychoactive properties like THC. That is you cannot become high by consuming CBD. This cannabinoid has the ability to act on the chemical receptors found in our body and through this interaction increase the various internal mechanisms that promote both healing and creation of homeostasis.

The most famous property of CBD oil is its anti-inflammatory property. It is well known that the underlying cause of many medical challenges and diseases is inflammation. Since CBD oil can control inflammation, it stands to reason that it can treat the medical challenges and diseases caused by inflammation.

CBD oil has more health benefiting properties besides its anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, one can find many documents talking about its other properties. These include neuroprotectant properties, anti-depressant, antipsychotic, and anti-anxiety properties. With these properties, one can say that CBD has become a sort of miracle therapy and there seems to be no end to the list of medical conditions that it can provide relief to.

However, the main question is that needs to be answered is that can CBD oil take the place of many pharmaceutical drugs.

Can we use CBD oil instead of pharmaceutical drugs?

cbd oil instead of paraceutical drugsMany people have been going around saying that once you use CBD oil you will not use any pharmaceutical drug. This approach has run its course and that is why we are going to try a different approach. We are going to refer the studies that have been conducted and decide for ourselves whether CBD oil is actually effective and if it can take the place of any pharmaceutical drug.

According to a survey conducted by HelloMD and Brightfield Group, around 42 % of the participants had effectively replaced their conventional medications with CBD oil. The survey was carried out among 2,400 HelloMD users and this survey is not only the largest survey into CBD oil but also the most well-documented one. For those who are unaware HelloMD is a large online community that is being used by over 150,000 users. The purpose of this community is to work as a platform where potential medical cannabis users can connect with practicing physicians.

The survey did not provide the specifics of the pharmaceutical medications that were replaced by CBD oil. However, Perry Sullivan the chief medical officer of HelloMD did provide a list of medical condition that the people taking part in the survey suffered from. The conditions are listed below (not in any particular order):

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Joint pain
  • Anxiety

The fact that this survey is non-clinical in nature does not make the results less astounding. That is CBD oil can cause nearly 50 % of the patients to use it instead of their pharmaceutical drugs that produce adverse side-effects besides being addictive and expensive. Also, the data found in this survey are all true.

Another such survey was conducted in 2017 and in this survey, the percentage of people who replaced their pharmaceutical drugs with CBD oil is around 46. Even though this survey is different from the previous one in many ways, the results are identical. For this survey, 2,774 participants were selected and 1,248 participants had said that they had replaced their pharmaceutical drugs with CBD. The conditions that were treated were the same.

This survey has pointed out that in states where it is legal to use marijuana for medical reasons there has been a drop in the use of pharmaceutical drugs. According to the survey this trend can be seen as proof that many people are preferring CBD oil therapy to the use of conventional therapy. It did not matter to them if the CBD oil was in topical, edible or any other form.

We are not considering anecdotal evidence alone

Even if we don’t take anecdotal evidence into consideration, we cannot deny the evidence provided by surveys. There are surveys that provide evidence that people are preferring to use CBD oil instead of pharmaceutical drugs. The above-mentioned surveys have provided evidence to this regard.

There have many studies that provided evidence to this regard. However, the difference between those studies and the two mentioned above is the size and the evidence provided. These two surveys had provided evidence that is clearer than the ones provided by other studies. The surveys are agreeing with a fact that has known to us for many years now. That fact is that CBD oil products can be used in the place of many of the expensive and highly addictive pharmaceutical drugs.

Final thoughts on CBD therapy can be used in the place of pharmaceutical drugs

The evidence supporting the use of CBD therapy in the place of pharmaceutical drugs is becoming clearer by the day. We have surveys that suggest nearly 50% of the people who suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia, and pain showing some preference for CBD therapy instead of pharmaceutical drugs.

True there is no clinical data or statistical data that can support our claim, but we wish to point out that surveys and studies have provided evidence. Before we were forced to use anecdotal evidence to support the use of CBD therapy in the place of pharmaceutical drugs. Now we are slowly gathering surveys and studies that provide evidence in favor of CBD therapy over pharmaceutical drugs.