What would withdrawal from valium feel like? How long would the effects last?

If Valium is purchased using valid Valium prescription and consumed for four months or even lesser periods for that matter, the persons may suffer from withdrawal symptoms. The reason is that Valium accumulates in the body and the longer it is taken, the more it keeps accumulating. As this accumulation builds up, the body starts to decrease the production of the anxiety-relieving chemicals which are natural chemicals. Thus the longer this is taken for, the more and the stronger are the withdrawal symptoms.

When the body develops physical dependence, the user needs to keep taking the drug to prevent withdrawal symptoms and that is the reason the users start to abuse the usage by increasing their dosage or increasing the frequency of the drug.

Withdrawal symptoms of Valium are dangerous and the body needs to recalibrate with the brain to ensure the functioning is proper.

Withdrawal symptoms:

The withdrawal symptoms are cramps in the abdomen, tremors, headaches, muscle pain, sweating, vomiting, confusion, severe forms of anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, numbness, hallucinations as well as it could even involve seizures. If people have taken more than 100 mg of Valium a day, then the withdrawal symptoms are more serious and there is a likelihood of complications as well. If excess valium even as little as 15mg is given a day, but the time period is for several months, then also the withdrawal symptoms are likely to occur.

Duration of withdrawal symptoms:

The withdrawal symptoms last longer than are other benzodiazepines. These symptoms take longer to start as the valium effects in the body last for a very long time. Sometimes for heavy users, the withdrawals only start 7 days post the stopping of the drug.

People who use 60 – 120 mg of valium for periods ranging from 3 – 14 years were studied and it was found that the withdrawal symptoms lasted for more than a month. In fact, the withdrawal period takes around 6 weeks and the intensity is very high. The symptoms in the initial period are the worst in the first two weeks of withdrawal and then again the symptoms increase in the third week. The only post that symptoms decline.

Withdrawal timelines:

In the first 24 -48 hours, the withdrawal starts to be felt and anxiety as well as restlessness increase and it starts out first faintly and then increases in magnitude.

In week 2, the symptoms peak and the full-blown symptoms take effect during that time. These symptoms are insomnia, nausea, muscle pain as well as sweating.

In week 3 and 4, the withdrawal intensity decreases and the symptoms get more manageable. From week 5 onwards those who have Valium dependence suffer PAWS (Post-acute withdrawal syndrome). These appear suddenly even if there have been no symptoms for months or even years.

Detoxification requires medical guidance and those who want to quit need to reduce the dosage gradually on a weekly or biweekly basis so complications and withdrawal symptoms including seizures are kept to the minimum.

Is Valium A Safe Drug?

Valium or Diazepam (generic) is used to treat agitation or alcohol withdrawal.  It affects the brain chemicals which are disturbed in people suffering from anxiety. People can buy Valium online without any hassle with the help of many reputed online pharmacies selling genuine and authentic drug by providing Valium online prescription to people who are in need of the drug. But the major concern for people under Valium is, whether it is safe or not.

Important information one must know about Valium before buying Valium

Side effects of Valium Drug

Just like any other drug Valium is also not safe, if you are not taking the medicine according to the prescription! It can cause a lot of side effects, like fatigue, disequilibrium, exhaustion, hazy sight etc. Immediate medical advice should be taken if any of the symptoms are persistent.

Some people may suffer from below mentioned or any other side effects They are perturbation, delusion, indecision, edginess, despondency, convulsion trouble in urination, raw throat, fever or chills.

It is not safe to consume grapefruit or grapefruit juice while one is on Valium medication as it may increase the chances of addiction.

Though Valium is prescribed for calmness, some children may suffer from opposite effects like hallucination or mood swipes.


The drug should not be consumed during pregnancy as it may harm the fetus. If you are planning for pregnancy or are pregnant during the medication, consult your physician or pharmacist immediately.

Driving should be avoided while you are on Valium medication as it may cause drowsiness or blurred vision. Expired drugs should be discarded properly. The empty bottle should be discarded after 90 days.

It should be avoided during lactation too as it may harm the newborn baby via passing through breast milk. Some drugs may interact with Valium and produce side effects. So, inform your physician about all medicines taken including herbal medicines even if it seems negligible to you.

The interaction of Valium with other drugs may cause fatal side effects. Sudden stoppage of this medication may cause withdrawal symptoms like shaking, cramps, vomiting, perspiration, anxiety etc. To avoid such a situation, it should be withdrawn gradually under the guidance of a physician. This drug may sometimes cause addiction. Excessive use of alcohol or drugs in past leads to addiction to this drug. It should be consumed exactly in the same dose as is prescribed to avoid such a situation.

If usage of Valium is prolonged, it may stop working. In such a situation, seek the advice of your doctor Carefully measured dose through a special spoon should be taken in case of consumption in liquid form.

Usage of the household spoon should be avoided as it may not measure the dose correctly. The liquid dosage of the medicine should be mixed with a prescribed amount of liquid. It should be consumed fully at once. Never overdose this medicine. In case of overdose, contact your physician immediately or seek emergency services. In case of a missed dose, it should be taken as soon as possible.

It should be kept in mind that the drug is prescribed to you as the benefits derived are greater than the side effects. You should inform your physician about all your allergies prior to this medication. The physician should be informed about medical history or any medical condition like myasthenia gravis, suicidal tendencies, abuse of drugs or liver or kidney diseases. To summarize, Valium is a safe drug as long as you are strictly following the correct dosage and precautions!

How to Counter Ambien Common Side Effects?

Ambien (Zolpidem) is a Schedule IV controlled substance in the U.S., according to the Controlled Substances Act. It is a non-benzodiazepine sedative which is basically used for insomnia. It is a short-acting drug which acts as quickly as 15 mins and has its effects for about 2-3 hours. People can buy Ambien to induce sleep and it doesn’t help in maintaining sound sleep. The controlled release version of Ambien, Ambien CR helps in maintaining sleep. It is also used by people to be in the sedative euphoric state. Many generic versions of Zolpidem are entering the market. Zolpidem is usually prescribed for about 6 weeks.

Side Effects of Using Ambien

The common side effects encountered while taking Ambien are

  1. Zolpidem seems to cause muscle relaxation and have anticonvulsant properties, though dose required to achieve these effects is high
  2. High doses of Ambien can cause hallucination and memory loss
  3. It causes drug dependence, drug tolerance
  4. Dizziness, headaches, nausea, vomiting
  5. Euphoria
  6. Poor motor coordination
  7. Should be used cautiously with other CNS depressants and alcohol.
  8. Rebound insomnia
  9. Lightheadedness,
  10. Delirium
  11. Agitation
  12. Long-term use with high doses of Zolpidem can cause seizures

Measures to Curb Side Effects:

The medicine should be used only under close supervision of a registered medical practitioner. It should be started to consume with the lowest dose for the short period of time. Body usually adjusts too few side effects during the course of treatment.

In general, Zolpidem side-effects are well tolerated. The medicine can cause fatigue. Ambien should be taken before going to bed, as this is a sleep initiator. After taking this medicine the individual will not be active. The person will be drowsy and will forget his actions done during the night.

Hypersensitivity reactions such as angioedema if occurs, the patient should not be given Zolpidem again. Angioedema if at all occurs, happens after taking the first dose or the subsequent doses.

Correct Ambien dosage should be done to avoid withdrawal side effects such as confusion, seizure, headache nausea, increased impulsivity.

Activities which require alert and attention such as driving or working on machines should be avoided. Ambien has “hangover” properties.

To avoid side-effect dose titration should be done over a prolonged period of time maybe for months. This will help to decrease withdrawal symptoms. Few practitioners opt for longer acting benzodiazepine equivalents in place of Ambien and then gradual dose titration is done.

In severe cases of drug dependence and drug abuse, the patient has to be hospitalized. The inpatient is then detoxicated using flumazenil to get rid of zolpidem drug dependence or addiction.

Take Ambien in the right dose for better sleep

Ambien is a medication often prescribed for patients suffering from insomnia. The drug is known to affect chemicals in the brain associated with sleeping disorders. It contains the active ingredient zolpidem of varying dosages alongside inactive ingredient that usually tends to vary depending on the manufacturer.

The drug is often prescribed for the short-term usually between two and six weeks for the treatment of insomnia. It is known to affect sleep initiation issues and is not effective in maintaining sleep in the individual. It is commonly available in the extended release and controlled release form of varying dosages ranging between 5mg and 10mg.

Now, Ambien may be bought at both online as well as retail outlets. Here thirty tablets of Ambien 10mg costs between $485 and $512, for ninety it ranges between $1400 and $1550 across leading retailers in the country. The cost of 5mg tablets depends on the number of pills bought; thirty pills cost around $440 while ninety pills cost in excess of $1100.

However, long-term users of Ambien do not generally buy the medication from retail outlets often turning to online pharmacies from their requirements. This is due to the fact that online drugstores offer a lot of value for the money besides cheap prices of Ambien providing quick delivery, bulk orders, discounts, offer coupons, rebates, services of a dedicated team of online doctors, pharmacists and customer support.

The online prices of Ambien are usually low due to three reasons,

  1. Strict regulation of prices listed on foreign online pharmacies, especially Canadian drugstores in line with market rates of the medication sold across the world.
  2. Supply and demand
  3. Intense Competition: Online pharmacies are known to compete with each other fiercely, vying to gain the same customer thereby offering him a whole host of option along with it.

Thirty pills of Ambien 10mg costs $133, sixty costs $228 and ninety costs $284. There is a reduced cost of Ambien pill as the customer buys higher and higher quantities. When combined with discounts the online and retail prices tend to be leagues apart. Generally, customers are benefitted tremendously buying cheap Ambien online with discounts, rebates and offer coupons that further reduce the prices anywhere between thirty and fifty percent of the listed cost.

What are the dosages and forms of Ambien available online?

Ambien is usually available in the extended and controlled release tablets. The extended-release variant contains 6.25mg and 12.5mg while the controlled release form contains 5mg and 10mg dosages respectively. However, the dosage is usually kept low in the beginning in order to study the patient’s response rate and recovery before being prescribed the higher variants.

It is a pretty commonly prescribed drug and the duration of medication depends on the medical condition of the patient. Usually, the duration of medication varies from anything between two and six weeks depending on the severity of the disorder.

In general, patients are often subjected to treatment with both medications as well as psychological sessions. It has been further proved that the recovery rates from the disorder remained the same for both types of treatment, medication and psychological intervention.

How to reduce the cost of Ambien medication?

Ambien is one of the few medications available that can effectively enable persons diagnosed with insomnia to overcome their problem. This Zolpidem brand is highly potent and that is why it cannot be purchased over the counter without a prescription. To be able to afford to take Ambien for continued insomnia treatment, especially for those diagnosed with the chronic condition, it becomes necessary to look for other ways to reduce to cost of taking this medication. For an Ambien user, no other drug would work as effectively and it is not possible to substitute it with other sleeping pills. Reducing the cost of Ambien is possible, and using these tips Ambien buyers can save more on their healthcare costs. Even if you are purchasing the drug for the first time, these guidelines can help in cutting down as much possible of the price.

Ways to reduce the Ambien cost

The cost of treatment with Ambien can be reduced in the following ways:

  • Compare the price of Ambien across different brick-and-mortar drug stores in your city and find one that suits you best. The cost of the drug is different from one location to the other.
  • Go online and see if there are any coupons available through patient assistance providers. A few internet drug stores provide discounts and coupons for Ambien, which can be printed and used at the local drug store to buy Ambien. These discounts may be for one-time use only but they actually help to cut back on the price of Ambien by 50-75%.
  • You can also look for Patient Assistance Programs, if any, that are offered by the company that makes the drug. If these programs are available at the time of your Ambien purchase, it is possible to even get the sleep-inducing pills for free for a limited supply.
  • The best option for any other is to look for Ambien online. The online pharmacies that offer this drug provide it at very competitive pricing. Moreover, online drug stores source the medication directly from the manufacturer and do not have to include any intermediary’s fees or store maintenance expenses. Hence the price of Ambien would be even cheaper compared to that of local pharmacies. Additionally, discounts are added to enable many buyers of this drug and one can save by up to 80% of the cost of the drug. One word of caution though is that if you think the price is extremely low that it is nowhere near the range of reputed online pharmacies, then avoid buying from such places as it is most likely to provide counterfeit pills.
  • You can also save as much as possible by choosing the Ambien generic which is priced lower than the brand. Opting for an online pharmacy to order generic Ambien will provide you with multiple options to buy the drug from different brands and you would be able to find one that suits you best. With discounts thrown into the mix, online pharmacy Ambien generic is very cheap indeed.

What are the most popular Cialis pills which are sold online?

Cialis is an erectile dysfunction medication that is very popular in the market. When this medication is taken by a man, it helps him to achieve and maintain the erection by relaxing the blood vessels as well as bypassing the excessive amount of blood to the genital area. As we all know that impotence is a major issue these days, taking Cialis might be a solution for it. Initially, the drug was manufactured in different dosage strengths. But, now they started to manufacture the drug with different forms and most of them are very popular. Let us look on some of the popular Cialis pills that are sold online.

Different forms of Cialis pills

Different forms of Cialis medication are Cialis black, Cialis Jelly, Cialis professional, Cialis sublingual, Cialis soft, Apcalis SX, Cialis super active, female Cialis, Tadacip, and Tadapox.

The active ingredient in these medications is common. But, the way the pill should be administered, dosage strength, appearance etc. would differ.

Apcalis SX Apcalis SX comes in the jelly form and people who like its performance could prefer buying it. The drug is available only in the dosage strength of 20 mg.

Cialis black Cialis black is the most powerful medication for treating erectile dysfunction. The effectiveness is promised for the period of 36 hours. You can get this medication with the dosage strength of 800 mg.

Female Cialis Woman with sexual dysfunction is sometimes prescribed with Female Cialis. It is available in the dosage strengths of 10 mg and 20 mg. The effect of this medication would stay in the body for a period of 12 to 24 hours.

Cialis jelly Cialis jelly having tadalafil as the main ingredient is the jelly form of Cialis. Men having difficulty swallowing can prefer buying the jelly form. It comes in the dosage strength of 20mg.

Cialis professional Cialis professional is another form of this medication. The drug is very popular among men with erectile dysfunction because it is the new and improved formula. Certain changes were made in its chemical component thus increasing its efficacy. Cialis professional is available in dosage strengths of 20 mg and 40 mg.

Cialis soft To get the erection within 15 minutes after the drug is taken prefer Cialis soft medication. It is very important to be sexually stimulated for the medication to work. One can buy Cialis soft tablets in the dosage strength of 20 mg.

Cialis super active Cialis super active is well-known in providing erection within five to seven minutes after the medication is taken with the presence of sexual arousal. You can buy Cialis super active through an online pharmacy to get the effectiveness for the period of fifty to fifty-five hours.

Cialis sublingual Cialis sublingual are very common among older men. Some men could not swallow the tablet as a whole this might also be there because of any medical ailment. You have to just place the tablet on the tongue and it gets dissolved on its own. Get Cialis sublingual with the dosage strength of 20 mg now and improve your sexual health.

Tadacip It is one of the many brand names of Cialis manufactured by Cipla. Tadacip would be a good choice if you cannot afford the high cost of brand Cialis.

TadapoxTadapox medication contains tadalafil along with Dapoxetine to help a man who is suffering from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. In a pharmacy, this medication is available with the dosage strength of 80 mg.

How to check out online pharmacies while buying Xanax online?

Buying Xanax online are fine but you have to check out certain details about pharmacies before you order. It is because there are many counterfeit sites on the net. They would look similar to legitimate sites. Though they look alike, it is still possible to pick out the genuine online pharmacy. Listed below are some of the signs that you can look for while purchasing Xanax from an internet pharmacy so that you can get your hands on real Xanax pills rather than fake pills.

Trust signs of a legitimate online drugstore

VIPPS seal: After you find out the online pharmacy that sells cheap Xanax, you need to check for VIPPS seal. VIPPS is known as “Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site”. If you find this seal then the online pharmacy is legitimate. This seal is given only to the mail-order pharmacies which have followed the rules and regulations of NABP. This includes authentication, privacy, quality, security, and providing proper consultation with pharmacists. So buy Xanax only when the site has VIPPS seal.

Click VIPPS Seal: When you see this seal, you have to place your cursor to click it. If the pharmacy is legitimate, it will automatically be linked to National Association of Boards of pharmacy for verification (NABP). This is a live seal and fake online pharmacies cannot imitate it. If the particular pharmacy does not link to the site, it is absolutely fake or illegal. Do not order your medications from these sites as the drug which they sell would not be properly formulated or it might cause some danger to health.

NABP site: This method is very simple. Just go to the NABP site and check the list for trustworthy online drugstores. Then go to the mail order pharmacies to compare the price of Xanax medication. Now, you are free from tension as you are already on the legitimate site.

Cheap Xanax pills: It is possible to purchase cheap Xanax pills from mail-order pharmacies but steps back when you find very cheap rate compared to others. It is not possible to get Xanax at a dead cheap price. This should be taken as a caution and you should not order Xanax pills from them.

No prescription Xanax: When you find a mail order pharmacy that sells Xanax without a prescription then you should know that they are operating illegally. Xanax is a prescription only drug and getting it over the counter not only hiders health condition but also causes legal issues in your country. If you come to know that a mail order pharmacy is operating illegally, you can notify the respective authorities.

No customer care service

When you see no customer care service in the online pharmacy then you have to consider this as a red flag. The legitimate online drugstores would have the service for their customers. Check whether the contact number is present in the website or not. If there is a number try calling to it. When it keeps on ringing and no one picks or you get a harsh reply then it is a counterfeit one. The legitimate online drugstore would have a representative team who would respond within two minutes and they would answer in a polite way.

Location of online pharmacy

This sign is very much essential and you should know on where the working location is. In the website, the legitimate ones would have mentioned it. These days even counterfeit online pharmacies are faking it hence it becomes a must for you to double check on it prior getting the pills from them.

Customer reviews

Check the review column in the online pharmacy. Look at both the experience people had with the online drugstore and with the medication. Not every person can be satisfied so it is completely fine if you find some negative reviews. However when these type of reviews are more compared to the positive ones then you should avoid choosing them. The reason is that your experience would also be bad in this scenario.


If you check closely the discounts that are offered by legitimate online drugstores are very much less compared to the counterfeit ones. The latter uses the discounts in order to grab the attention of people and put them in to a trap. When the discounts that are offered to you are very much high and if it feels too good to be true, then avoid utilizing it.

Why is it necessary to check on the online pharmacies before buying Xanax online?

Only when you check out the mail order pharmacies it is possible for you to get the medication legally. There is a must for you to choose only the approved online drugstores to get the medication for the treatment.

The pills that are sold by the legal ones would be in world-class quality. There will be no adulteration at any cost. The active ingredient in the tablet would be incorrect quantity.

The coupons that you have can be utilized here and you can reduce your medical expense. It is a must to safeguard your details. You are not supposed to provide the information to the online pharmacy that is counterfeit. In this situation, they would misuse your details and they might also sell it to the third parties.

When you get Xanax through a legitimate online pharmacy you can assure yourself that you would be safe during your therapy period. Your health and wealth are protected. You can get extreme convenience and comfort if you are choosing the online pharmacy that is approved by the authorities of the country to which it is registered to.

If you are the citizen of the United States then you can complain to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Do not indulge in danger. Just check whether the mail order pharmacy comes under legal category and buy authentic Xanax. A legitimate pharmacy would definitely give you a good experience. Order Xanax online and get your medical condition treated. Always use the set of guidelines given on this site and purchase safely.

How cheap is Ambien in online dispensaries?

Ambien price comparisonAmbien is used for insomnia. It is quite a popular drug and is available as both generic and branded pills. The dosages of the drug vary between 5mg and 10mg.

Ambien may be bought at both online pharmacies and retail outlets. It is however significantly cheaper in online pharmacies due to strict price regulations imposed by health organizations and also intense competition between various portals. Besides this most customers buying Ambien online also feel they are getting more value for their money due to multiple services offered alongside, such as a dedicated team of online doctors, and pharmacists always available at their disposal, bulk offers, discounts, lenient prescription requirements, and quick delivery.

To get the high-quality Ambien medication at the cheap price, all you need to do is to choose the best online Ambien dispensary to order online. This will help you to save yourself from getting the medication from the rogue drugstores.

What is the price comparison of Ambien available online and at retail outlets?

The prices of the drug tend to vary depending on whether the medication is availed at an online store or a retail outlet. Let’s take a look at the prices of Ambien 5mg and 10mg in popular retail stores in the market in the US. Thirty pills of Ambien 5mg cost between $485 and $548, sixty pills cost between $960 and $1000 and so on. Now the 10mg variant is definitely more expensive with thirty capsules retailing between $565 and $650 and sixty capsules running in excess of $1200.

In an online dispensary, though the prices of Ambien remain low. These dispensaries are regulated by regional dispensary boards that ensure that the prices remain in line with the rest of the world. Moreover fierce competition between the sellers also tends to keep the prices extremely competitive. Overall the customer stands to gain due to cheap prices of Ambien online.

The incremental cost per pill drops as one buys more and more pills in bulk. The point we are making here is that ninety pills of the same branded Ambien pill cost anything between two and three times the price at online stores.

Long-term users of the drug are benefitted tremendously, due to the fact that they may be able to save a ton of money in the process by simply ordering Ambien online. Although medical insurance may not be provided for online purchases of Ambien, the listed cost of the pill more than makes up for it.

Moreover, the costs of cheap Ambien online get an even cheaper time and again with offers, coupons, and discounts. Most customers, especially the ones from middle and the lower income strata are usually better off purchasing this drug from an online dispensary. They are also offered access to a dedicated team of doctors and pharmacists, at a fraction of the cost incurred to avail a similar service outside. Moreover quick delivery, bulk ordering, and lenient prescription requirements also turn out to be extremely advantageous for them. Overall it is a win-win situation for both the sellers and the customers choosing to buy Ambien from an online dispensary.

How to save money while purchasing Viagra?

Having spent a huge sum of money every other day to help my erectile dysfunction gain control, I was now tired and financially broken for not able to bear any more expenses to purchase Viagra. Impotency therapies may consume a lot of our precious time so treatment with Viagra is ideal for erectile dysfunction. During this time, a friend of mine walked in and so I took the opportunity to discuss the growing cost involved with buying Viagra to treat ED and impotence. That was when my companion informed me that there were many ways you can overcome the high price of Viagra. He gave me four supreme tactics adopting which I was able to buy Viagra for cheap and was also able to save a lot of money. These important points will be of great help to you in saving money while purchasing Viagra.

Order Viagra online and save money One of the vital strategies to get cheap Viagra is to prefer online pharmacies to get the ED pill. As online drug stores do not involve any major paying out like maintenance cost, employee expenses or even intermediaries to purchase Viagra from manufacturers, they sell Viagra for a considerably lower price. This makes the impotency medication be availed at an affordable rate and as a result, a huge sum of money is being saved.

Look for pharmacies that offer discount cards, coupons and vouchers to save money Many pharmacies both offline and online have the provision of providing various options that offer customers to enjoy huge discounts. You can search for online drugstores that offer discount cards, vouchers and coupons, all or any of these will enable you to save a lot of banknotes. Next time, if you need discount viagra, then purchase using coupon cards or discount vouchers to avail tremendous concession for the drugs.

Order Viagra in large quantities Did you know that you be will saving more when requesting for huge orders of Viagra rather than buying one single pill? It’s an absolute truth if you didn’t believe it. Placing large quantities of the erectile dysfunction med will not cost much for your pocket. I will suggest you to order Viagra in bulk from any legitimate online pharmacy so that you will be receiving Viagra packet for a month or two or as many you have requested for. You can order a pack of 30 pills for a month or 120 pills to have it for four months. Utilize this stratagem and see how much you will be saving upon purchasing Viagra in huge mass.

Buy generic Viagra instead of brand and save more Generic Viagra enable you to spend less as it does not incur much upon its preparation. It is prepared by different manufacturers upon the expiration of the brand patent of Viagra. As different companies make use of varied inactive constituents in the ED pill and also do not have any big expense like marketing or research, you can avail it for a very low price and save huge sum. Sildenafil which is the generic name of Viagra is sold for reasonable price that is affordable by many.

Can Viagra increase the risk of sudden hearing loss?

Viagra, a drug that is highly popular for its ability to treat erectile dysfunction, causes a few side effects among which hearing loss is one that affects many men. ED patients who take the Viagra pills as part of ED therapy are all likely to face some kind of side effects with continued use. Sudden hearing loss is one adverse effect that has been reported in users around the world. Although the number of such cases reported is very minor, it is important to know that this can occur while taking Viagra.So yes, the Sildenafil drug can increase the risk of sudden hearing loss. Ever since this was reported across people who took Viagra, the FDA has mandated that all product labels for ED drugs should carry this warning.

How the effects of Viagra can lead to hearing loss?

The reason for the hearing loss as a side effect of taking Viagra – ed is attributed to the drugs’ mechanism of action.The Sildenafil pill works by inhibiting PDE5, widens the blood vessels to improve the blood flow, and works with the nitric oxide that is released when the person is sexually stimulated.These effects can lead to the condition known as a sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL), wherein there is the sudden and rapid onset of loss of hearing usually in one ear. The problem is temporary for many persons, and it is advisable to get appropriate treatment from a specialist without any delay by informing the doctor that you have taken Viagra.Stop taking Viagra immediately unless it is being taken for hypertension as high blood pressure levels can be very dangerous. Seek the doctor’s advice on the best recourse to fully getting back your hearing. The earlier the treatment is commenced the greater the chances of a complete recovery. The hearing may be difficult to improve if it there is any delay in the hearing loss treatment.

When this problem was found in users who were purchasing Viagra and other similar ED pills, medical researchers were still trying to understand how damaging or treatable this problem was.There is no particular age group who may be at higher risk of this adverse reaction can occur in any person, even someone who is healthy and does not have any major health problems.

Signs that you have hearing loss from taking Viagra

The first sign that shows that taking Viagra is causing hearing loss is the reduced ability to hear things clearly.This may be accompanied by ringing in the ears known as tinnitus or dizziness. The hearing loss will most likely be in one ear alone.Consult with the physician regarding your symptoms as soon as they begin to occur as that would enable speedier recovery. Also inform the doctor of how exactly it feels in the ears, particularly the accompaniment of ringing or dizziness. The treatment for the Viagra side effects would be provided based on these symptoms. The drug Viagra is relatively safe to use for treating erectile dysfunction in men, especially when a person purchases viagra, an authentic Canadian viagra at an affordable price from an online pharmacy. One must just need to exercise a little caution before using the drug and monitor for side effects of Viagra as with any other medication to reduce the side effects of Viagra and to increase the effectiveness of the drug.