Can Adderall Cause Schizophrenia-Like Psychosis?

Adderall has been the best friend of students because of its unregulated recreational use, energy boosting power and especially for the patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) attributed to its treatment potential. These patients can get to know in-depth information on ADHD by visiting online pharmacy portals which provides in depth details of these pills.

Along with its widespread fan following, the abuse potential and addictive property has equally contributed in keeping Adderall in breaking news as well as controversies. A recent finding brings this medication back to the debate regarding if Adderall can actually cause Schizophrenia-like Psychosis.

Adderall’s potential to cause Schizophrenia-Like Psychosis

Adderall contains the active ingredient amphetamine which is well known for its addiction and habit-forming potential. This metabolite is responsible for the increased psychomotor activity, improved cognitive function and heightened mood and energy, finally ending up with stimulant-induced Psychosis.

So, the answer to the query is yes. Adderall has the potential to cause Schizophrenia-Like Psychosis but it may not necessarily cause this effect in all consumers.

Certain factors such as individual’s genetic makeup and neurochemistry (an individual with dopaminergic abnormalities will be more susceptible to Psychosis), dosage (consuming Adderall more than prescribed), lifestyle (peak stress level and long term sleep deprivation may increase risk of Psychosis, mental illness and duration of drug intake (should not be longer than prescribed) regulate onset of psychosis in different individuals taking similar stimulant such as Adderall.

So, whether Adderall will lead to any serious effect such as psychosis or not will depend on individual’s state of the body. All that can be concluded is that Adderall has the potential to hamper consumer’s health but to what extent can be best known only on consultation with a physician.

Symptoms of Schizophrenia-Like Psychosis from Adderall Use

Psychosis is a medical condition in which the patient fails to maintain a contact with reality and lives in a world of hallucinations (auditory and/or visual) and delusions (baseless beliefs). It is one of the symptoms of serious mental illness called schizophrenia.

Psychosis is a common symptom of many of the mental disorders but may also result from certain medications and here arises the possibility of neuro-stimulant Adderall being the culprit.

Warnings associated with Adderall administration

Adderall is an effective Central Nervous System (CNS) stimulant for the treatment of narcolepsy and ADHD along with depression and anxiety. But then dangers associated with the medication sometimes outweigh the benefits and with long term usage, the consumer becomes addicted to Adderall.

Long back in 1960, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved the drug but seeing its increasing abuse, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) listed Adderall as a schedule II substance. Some of the common yet serious side effects of Adderall include confused state of mind, convulsions, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, loss of consciousness, dizziness, tightness in the chest and uncontrolled behaviors. The list doesn’t end here. Drugs discussion forums are flooded with reports of Adderall’s ill effects and the most indigestible part is that the drug is still available, but with prescription only.

It is no big deal for abusers to avail Adderall anyway even after being aware of the heightened risks linked with it. Another hot debate that is set is regarding the possibility of Adderall causing the serious adverse effect of Schizophrenia-Like Psychosis.

Does Ambien reprogram your mind while you sleep?

Although widely used by millions of people, Ambien is far from the perfect drug that most people seek for their sleep disorders. It has been found, to the utmost horror, that there are several gruesome side-effects of the pill such as hallucinations, sleep walking and unconscious driving amongst others. To know more about the ambien side effects you can also visit your ambien cheap, a site which provides a detailed information on ambien. Though a hypnotic drug, it has not been put in the benzodiazepine category. It was being popped like a tic-tac years ago till the time the ensuing adverse events were brought on record by various journals and newspapers. Thus, people should be precautious while buying cheap ambien from reputed online pharmacy. Before buying the pill from online pharmacies, people should various things like is the pharmacy registered from the state where it is working and does it sells pills according to the rules of FDA and is the cost of ambien correct. Beware of some sites which sells ambien at a very cheaper rate, procuring that needs to be checked throughly before buying.

Effects of Ambien on the brain

Ambien is a central nervous system depressant. This implies that it moderates and slows down the brain activity. Most central nervous system depressants influence the mind similarly, they improve the movement of gamma-aminobutyric corrosive (GABA), a normally occurring compound in the cerebrum that sends messages between cells (neuro transmitter). GABA works by slowing down the action of cerebrum. Albeit diverse classes of CNS depressants work in extraordinary ways, they eventually build GABA action, which creates a tired or soothing impact. Although Ambien stays in the system for about 90 minutes, its sedative effects can last in the body for about eight to nine hours. Due to the effect on neurotransmitters, it is common for people to complain of memory loss on being woken up suddenly.

What happens in your mind after Ambien intake?

Although Ambien affects the nervous system adequately, it is incredibly difficult to have a targeted narrow impact on the brain. The mass effect on the neurotransmitters (as they are scattered round the brain) have led to weird adverse effects. Moreover, it does not regulate the sleep pattern or the amount of sleep once ingested. Its only job remains inducing the sleep. An assortment of unusual thought process and changes in behavior have been noticed to happen with the consumption of Ambien. Some of these changes might be portrayed by diminished inhibition (e.g., aggression and extroversion that appeared to be abnormal), like impacts created by liquor and different CNS depressants. Other reported behavioral changes have included strange conduct, hallucination, irritation, agitation, and depersonalization. Amnesia and other neuropsychiatric symptoms may occur some times. In patients suffering from depression, worsening of the symptoms including self-destructive thoughts has been noticed with the treatment of Ambien. Furthermore, consuming Ambien with alcohol has been seen to cause death and coma. Although the label explicitly advises against the combination due to the compound interaction, it appears to be a hot trend among the youth to combine the Ambien with alcohol.

Important note

Although a wonderful medicine for those suffering from insomnia, allowing the mind to relax and then provides a calming effect over the body, Ambien is nonetheless plagued with horrendous side effects. It is worrisome that while someone is sleeping, the pill is actually wreaking havoc to the brain chemistry of the person. It is hoped that adequate research studies are conducted to decrease the severity of the side effects of Ambien.

How do you get a Valium (Diazepam) online prescription?

Today, we have numerous websites that deliver Valium (Diazepam) at very affordable prices. We have to just visit them, go through the products and services they are giving and we can opt for the product according to our requirement. Many times, we get off on various products which are a major advantage of online shopping. We can get the real value of our money in online shopping especially in cases of medicines, drugs like Valium. We can also get a free diazepam online prescription, as many websites have their own medical services advisers.

Things you should know before obtaining an online prescription for Valium

People who opt for buying Valium online needs to know the exact dosage of the drug to reduce any unnecessary side effects of the medication. Dosage prescription for Valium (Diazepam) is very necessary to get yourself well soon. To get rid of the side effects or to take maximum advantage from Valium, we should take this anxiety therapy only as prescribed by the doctor. Sometimes, people use Valium in excessive which may lead to worsening their health as well as an intense the disorder they are suffering from, so, always consult with the doctor to make sure that we are taking the right dosage at right time and stage. The dosage of Valium will be prescribed by your doctor based upon checking the level of your anxiety symptoms. For example, someone suffering from anxiety may use between 2-10 mg of Valium several times a day. For people diagnosed with alcohol withdrawal, the recommended dose is only 10 mg. But the dose can be given 3 to 4 times. For muscle pain and unstable disorders, the Valium dose can be in the range of 2 mg to 10 mg. But the maximum dosage interval is 2 to 4 times a day. In elderly people, the dose should be lower than 2.5 mg until the ability to bear Valium has been established.

Get Valium online and avail different offers and prizes

As we all know that almost everybody has access to the internet now, so, we can easily buy the Valium online without any hassle. We can simply visit the website of the manufacturer of Diazepam and take the appropriate drug according to our needs. We should first consult the doctor and approach the website which the doctor suggested. Now, go to the website and make an account there to further communicate with the website. After creating an account, you can choose Valium (Diazepam) in the quantity recommended by the doctor and click get valium here and pay through the method use by that particular website. The main benefit in doing so is that, it really help us to save our time as well as we get the true value of our money as we can buy directly from the manufacturer websites. These websites also ensure the originality of drugs being purchased, and thus we don’t need to bother while purchasing medical stuff from websites.

Can physical dependency on Xanax cause addiction

Xanax, generically known as Alprazolam is a prescription drug used to treat anxiety and its related disorders. Alprazolam belongs to benzodiazepine class, which are usually known to cause addiction upon long-term usage. Physical dependency can definitely lead to addiction as drug tolerance is the onset of addiction because of the nature of these drugs. Xanax is a fast acting drug, which upon consumption, acts quickly by binding to the GABA receptors in the brain to alter certain chemical signals to provide relief from effects of anxiety. But upon an extended period of usage, Xanax can cause certain changes in the receptors by making it less responsive to the drug. This compels the user to increase the dosage in order to find relief, eventually paving a path to addiction.

Signs of physical dependency on Xanax

At the early stages of physical dependence, any attempt to reduce the dosage might result in withdrawal symptoms. The body reacts vigorously towards your attempts by exhibiting various symptoms like sweating, restlessness, muscle ache, psychological breakdown, depression, etc. Symptoms shall be discussed below for a clearer idea. It must be noted that, addiction caused by prescription drugs are too hard to overcome so one must opt for proper medical care in order to deal with withdrawal symptoms and other problems. Co-occurring ailments are often associated with Xanax dependence, or most would develop a mental condition during the addiction phase. Some of them are:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Panic attack
  • Multiple personality syndrome
  • Alcohol abuse

When to get help to avoid Xanax addiction from physical dependence

Though the symptoms might look harmless, this will be the onset phase of addiction from where one can bring the addicted back to life. Psychological as well as physiological symptoms are exhibited at this stage. Certain common symptoms and behaviors that should be considered as warning signs are:

  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety disorder (contrary to purpose of medication)
  • Hyperactivity
  • Agitation
  • Increased short temper
  • Restlessness
  • Stealing money to buy drugs
  • Forging prescriptions
  • Visiting multiple doctors to get Xanax prescriptions
  • Appetite shifts
  • Snorting of the pills

The above symptoms are accompanied by usual physical symptoms like fever, dry mouth, nausea, sweating, stuffy nose etc. Psychological changes are one, which would inform the user about their condition. It starts with hallucination, followed by disorientation, confusion, memory loss etc.

How can you prevent physical dependence on using Xanax?

Certain small neglects are the key to dependence and finally leading to lethal addiction in the later stage. Never take the drug without the consent of a medical practitioner or a psychologist. Make sure that you take the exact amount of dosage as suggested by your doctor, any ups and downs might affect the result of medication. Be strict while following the doctor’s instruction, if they asked you to avoid particular food and beverages during the medication course, follow it as such because certain things like alcohol have an adverse effect which can reverse the purpose. Stop the consumption of Xanax as and when the course is supposed to be over. Always keep a good communication with your doctor, and if in case you find any of above symptoms notify it to your doctor with an immediate priority.

What is an over the counter version of Xanax?

OTC or Over the Counter drugs are drugs that are legally available without a prescription, from any drug distributor. An OTC version of a Xanax is definitely not the similar one for sure and it is just a replacement. You have to know that it is just a substitute. The active content of an OTC version of Xanax is definitely Alprazolam for sure and this is which belongs to the group of medications called as a benzodiazepine. However, you should know that the OTC Xanax can never have the same inactive ingredients. So they share only the active ingredient. It is true that OTC Xanax is not harmful similar to the Xanax.  For the sake of safety measures, it is recommended to a person not to take the higher dosage than what is instructed for you. This is actually termed as a recreational purpose and this should be avoided to the core.

It is true that there are a lot of over the counter Xanax accessible in the world. However, prior to buying an alternative form of the medication, you have to follow certain precautions:

  • Get the alternative drug only if it is FDA regulated product. This can ensure that you are on the safe side.
  • A person prior to consuming the medication should do broad research on the OTC Xanax. This is really very essential and it should not be skipped at any cost.
  • Also, you have to give closer attention to the effectiveness that you can receive and side effects that are triggered in the body.
  • The most important factor is that you have Known about the active ingredient that is present in the drug.
  • To be on a secure side, you are expected to consult with the pharmacist. These days even online consultants are easily available and you can get suggestions from them prior to purchasing the medicine.
  • If you have started a course of medication you have to always keep in mind that no matter what you should not abruptly halt the treatment. When you suddenly do the discontinuation your body is going to experience cold turkey on Xanax. This is a situation where people can experience severe withdrawal symptoms. Some of these symptoms that you might experience are like nausea, vomiting, spasms etc.
  • If your stock of the medication runs out and unfortunately your healthcare professional is not available to refill the prescription we know that it might not be a pleasant condition to manage with.

The dosages of OTC Xanax

The dosage and route of administration of OTC Xanax vary from one manufacturer to another who manufacture the tablets. The best idea is to read the information leaflet in order to know about the dosage and the variants that the OTC Xanax is available.

When the OTC Xanax is FDA approved then you can ensure that it will have the same route of administration. Even the dosage strength of the medication that is available would be similar. However, the first dose of the drug has to be taken under the medico’s supervision. Only then if you suffer from any side effects it is possible for them to treat it immediately.

Is OTC Xanax legal in all countries?

No, OTC Xanax is not legal in all countries. In some of the places, the government has stated that it is legal to consume if you do not have a prescription for Xanax. However, some of the countries strictly ban the usage of the medication if you do not have a medical script.

You might be wondering why the authorities are so against OTC Xanax. The reason is that they fear that the people who take Xanax for recreational usage would increase to a greater extent.

There is already people who are getting addicted to the drug and moreover, when the availability of the medication is very much high this increases the chance of addiction to a greater extent.

How people misuse OTC Xanax?

You have to know that when OTC Xanax is taken it would cause euphoria in a person. This is the state where you would feel very high. Some of the people would get addicted to this feeling when they are on the treatment with the medication.

Once the therapy period ends, it is not possible for them to get the pills. This is because; the legal online pharmacies would not give the Xanax tablets to them if they did not produce the prescription.

However, this is not the case with OTC Xanax. There is no doctor to guide the person and these tablets are easily available in the market. The individuals would crush and chew the tablets and this makes them experience the high feeling.

After a certain period of time, the same dosage strength is definitely not going to give them the needed effects. The reason is that they would have become tolerant to the medication. Since this is the case they would start to consume more tablets together. This is how the people are misusing OTC Xanax.

Is addiction percentage higher in OTC Xanax consumers over prescription Xanax?

It is definite that the percentage of addiction in people those who are taking OTC Xanax is higher compared to the ones who are taking Xanax with a prescription. The former does not have anyone to control and the access to the medication is easily possible. But, for the latter when there is any negative symptoms identified in the body there will be the healthcare professionals who would look on to this matter immediately.

Since the misuse of the drug is very much high and this leads to addiction, the percentage of fatal cases are also very much high with respect to the Xanax OTC medication.

When the addiction is severe there are chances for them to experience several side effects in the body which would worsen over a period of time. Not only this, they might also experience suicidal thoughts.

Is OTC Xanax a good?

The medication is definitely good and it would offer needed effects in the body for the patients. However, the easy availability of the medication is definitely not good. The worst part is that when the person who already had a past of drug addiction or abuse takes the medication it would cause severe issues for them.

The risk of them misusing OTC Xanax is very high. Not every person is a doctor and these days, people are relying too much on the search engines. Everybody likes to search and know about their medical condition. The worst part is that they also decide their dosage strength of the drug after surfing the internet. Since this is the case, the self-treating is very much common and taking wrong doses is also very much common.

The truth is that the drug dose for each and every person would vary a lot. So, from here you can know that there is no universal dose for sure. If the OTC Xanax is taken by children or elder patients then cautious should be adapted. However, with the OTC medications, this probability is very much low.

More details about OTC Xanax

Xanax tablets in general help in treating panic disorders (unexpected panic attacks), palpitations, dizziness, and nausea, fear of losing control, sweating, lightheadedness, chest pain or various types of discomfort. But OTC version may also have additional uses hence before starting the course of therapy will any OTC version you must check with your healthcare provider. While using OTC Xanax, one should regularly have a checkup with their health care professional for effective results.

Xanax is not recommended for pregnant women, such women must also check with their doctor before using OTC Xanax. However, there are chances that they might not able to go in person to the doctor for the consultation. On such occasions, they can indulge themselves in online consultation from online pharmacies before they purchase Xanax, as these pharmacies have online doctors who can help in getting the information about the pill. If the OTC version also contains Alprazolam then one must abide by the same precautions as they would if they were using prescription Xanax.

It is easy to opt for an online doctor consultation. You just have to choose the authentic mail order pharmacy and register yourself to it. Now, you can request them for this facility. The consultation can be performed via Skype. The rule for using this facility is that you would be asked to fill out an online form. This is nothing but an online generated form which might contain questions related to your health condition. Not only this, you are also expected to produce your medical reports to them.

Through these, it is very easy for them to understand your health issues and judge whether you are safe during the course of therapy or not. In addition to this, it is easy for them to pick the right dose for your course of treatment.

When they are satisfied with your records they would allow you to get the OTC Xanax. Here, you are supposed to follow the dose that they have mentioned and only for the weeks that they have instructed. Since there is a medical intervention here there are chances for you to stay safe during the course of therapy. However, you are expected to be really cautious during the intake of Xanax. This is because you would get addicted or you would misuse the drug without your knowledge. When you turn back and realized that you have missed it would already be too late to come back.

So when you are taking OTC Xanax always be careful and never let your actions spoil your health at any cost.