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What are the health outcomes when using Tramadol with no rx online? – Study JMR Pub

Have you heard of the pain medication called Tramadol? It is one of the nonbenzodiazepine drugs that come under the group of opioid analgesics for the treatment of pain. Tramadol is very effective when it comes to treating pain that the action mechanism starts off within a short time for pain relief. This pill needs to be administered in low doses for a short period of time to treat normal and chronic pain. It can cause side effects when it is consumed beyond the prescribed doses. Some of the side effects of Tramadol even include dizziness, drowsiness, sweating, dry mouth, etc. This is why it is important to buy Tramadol medication from trusted online Tramadol dispensaries like Here, all pills are clinically tested and approved for the medical uses. Apart from this legitimate online dispensary, there are few other reliable online places available in the market.

Even, this opioid medication is available at traditional drug stores. But with the inception of the Internet, online dispensaries have really become the choice of the people who wish to buy high-quality pills at ease. However, you will have to do your own research before you choose an authentic Tramadol dispensary that is trustworthy and reliable. But the main issue comes in the form of medication overdose and abuse, due to which it is important to get a prescription from the doctor. You can also get Tramadol at online drug stores without a prescription but it comes with serious risks that are going to be dealt with in detail in this article.

Health Outcomes of buying Tramadol online without prescription

To know in detail about the health outcomes of buying Tramadol online without prescription, a study was created through specific methods to address the problem and collect results on the same. Also, based on the results, certain conclusions have been inferred to understand whether the outcomes of buying the medications online without a prescription has resulted positively or negatively.


This study was initiated due to the availability of prescription medications like Tramadol that can be bought online easily even without a prescription. This background is the main reason why this study was initiated to address the health outcome.

Scope of the Study

The study was aimed to compare the health of people who bought a Tramadol pill online without a prescription and those who bought it from online dispensaries legally. The study also focuses on the sudden rise of opioid pill purchases at online drugstores than the traditional pharmacies.


The Internet has evolved exponentially in the last two decades and the growth of the Internet has also spread to the Pharmaceutical companies, where many drug stores have started their online branches for specific medications. Also, on a deeper analysis, it shows that the online dispensaries offer a convenient way of purchase for medications like Tramadol. It has also been proved that the cost of medications at online drug stores is much cheaper than the ones available at traditional stores. This variation in price is due to the fact that online drug stores do not have the inventory and maintenance costs incurred by traditional stores. All they need is a website and to manage it efficiently at reduced costs. This enables the online pharmacies to offer Tramadol medication at low costs to their customers. Also, why customers prefer these online pharmacies is due to the privilege of getting the medication delivered at their doorstep without any struggle.

After the 1990s, the online dispensaries have grown in huge number due to the success of the first-ever online pharmacy. This paved the way for traffickers and abusers to mediate their fake medications online for profits. And it even became easier for customers when some of the illegal online dispensaries started offering medications without the need for a prescription to their customers. Once this trend started to set in, several complaints and reports rocked the Government, prompting the officials to come up with severe legislation on the online purchase of medications like Tramadol. A survey was also conducted to study the legitimacy of the online dispensaries, which led to some of the most alarming results. The Government initiated several programs to really bring down the number of rogue online dispensaries in order to secure consumer safety.

In spite of all these measures, customers somehow to reach the illegal online dispensaries by bypassing the laws smartly. The major issues that this study tries to address are the increased use of online pharmacies instead of legal ways and the poor health outcomes of the people who buy their Tramadol medications from pharmacies that don’t demand a prescription.

Method of Analysis

It was evident that the only population who use Tramadol medication have to be singled out or separated in order to study their demographics along with various other factors. To make this possible, this painkiller was selected as the representative drug as mentioned before and the Internet tools were used to highlight the Tramadol population. Google ads and other SEO tools were used to search for keywords related to the word Tramadol. The opioid drug advertisements were created and the ads appeared on the sites browsed by the users who have searched for Tramadol in the past. So the population was highlighted now and from there it led to the stage of the survey. People who clicked on this medication ads were directed to an online survey that posed several queries to the users on topics such as intended use, schedule, dosage, legitimate or illegitimate drug use and much more.

Analysis of Data

The data revealed that up to 450 patients too up the survey out of which 350 patients have acquired their Tramadol medications from legal online stores through a valid prescription. However, the remaining people have obtained their Tramadol medication illegally from online dispensaries without presenting a prescription. This population was labeled as non-traditional users.


The results showed that almost all the non-traditional Tramadol users chose Tramadol due to the pain they experienced. Also, most of the non-traditional users reported that they chose to buy Tramadol without a prescription since they needed extra doses of the pill. Also, 29% of the non-traditional users claimed that they found the prices to be cheaper at dispensaries that didn’t demand a prescription. Coming to the health outcomes, the study showed that people who bought Tramadol without a medical Rx suffered more side effects or adverse effects than the ones who bought it from legitimate sources with a prescription. In fact, 7 % of the non-traditional users experienced seizures as side effects which were not seen even in 1% of the other populations.


Though the online dispensaries provide great benefits to their customers, the illegal pharmacies that sell fake medications also pose considerable risks in the form of adverse health outcomes in public. The convincing explanation for these outcomes can be due to the lack of a doctor or a health care professional’s supervision on dosage, schedule, frequency and other factors. Hence, this study raises an opportunity for discussion on the role of online pharmacies and the need to bring about intense medical regulations for the safety and security of the public.


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