cbd oil for pain management

Is CBD oil a better treatment for pain management than prescription drugs?

The voice of CBD oil advocates is growing louder by the day and you can find many articles talking about how it can be used to treat inflammation, chronic pain, and anxiety. Why there are articles that talk about its ability to fight cancer and diabetes. The list of articles supporting CBD oil seems to be endless and the same can be said about people who said they have used organic cannabidiol in the place of pharmaceutical drugs and found the results to be same or in certain cases better.

Many people are not convinced by these articles. They are of the opinion that these are random stores and one cannot categorize them as the opinion of the people. Keeping this thought in mind we have decided to have a good look into whether CBD oil is actually effective. However, we are not the only ones. The number of studies being conducted about the effectiveness of CBD oil as a natural remedy will astound everyone. But before we proceed any further into this topic, we must first clear some of the doubts that surround CBD oil.

CBD oil in terms that is easy to understand

There is some confusion about CBD oil and it is best to clear some of these confusions before moving further. The main confusion is what is CBD oil?

cbd oil in termsCBD oil is a cannabinoid that one extracts from the cannabis plant. Since this is the same plant that produces THC many people are confused. However, CBD does not have the psychoactive properties like THC. That is you cannot become high by consuming CBD. This cannabinoid has the ability to act on the chemical receptors found in our body and through this interaction increase the various internal mechanisms that promote both healing and creation of homeostasis.

The most famous property of CBD oil is its anti-inflammatory property. It is well known that the underlying cause of many medical challenges and diseases is inflammation. Since CBD oil can control inflammation, it stands to reason that it can treat the medical challenges and diseases caused by inflammation.

CBD oil has more health benefiting properties besides its anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, one can find many documents talking about its other properties. These include neuroprotectant properties, anti-depressant, antipsychotic, and anti-anxiety properties. With these properties, one can say that CBD has become a sort of miracle therapy and there seems to be no end to the list of medical conditions that it can provide relief to.

However, the main question is that needs to be answered is that can CBD oil take the place of many pharmaceutical drugs.

Can we use CBD oil instead of pharmaceutical drugs?

cbd oil instead of paraceutical drugsMany people have been going around saying that once you use CBD oil you will not use any pharmaceutical drug. This approach has run its course and that is why we are going to try a different approach. We are going to refer the studies that have been conducted and decide for ourselves whether CBD oil is actually effective and if it can take the place of any pharmaceutical drug.

According to a survey conducted by HelloMD and Brightfield Group, around 42 % of the participants had effectively replaced their conventional medications with CBD oil. The survey was carried out among 2,400 HelloMD users and this survey is not only the largest survey into CBD oil but also the most well-documented one. For those who are unaware HelloMD is a large online community that is being used by over 150,000 users. The purpose of this community is to work as a platform where potential medical cannabis users can connect with practicing physicians.

The survey did not provide the specifics of the pharmaceutical medications that were replaced by CBD oil. However, Perry Sullivan the chief medical officer of HelloMD did provide a list of medical condition that the people taking part in the survey suffered from. The conditions are listed below (not in any particular order):

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Joint pain
  • Anxiety

The fact that this survey is non-clinical in nature does not make the results less astounding. That is CBD oil can cause nearly 50 % of the patients to use it instead of their pharmaceutical drugs that produce adverse side-effects besides being addictive and expensive. Also, the data found in this survey are all true.

Another such survey was conducted in 2017 and in this survey, the percentage of people who replaced their pharmaceutical drugs with CBD oil is around 46. Even though this survey is different from the previous one in many ways, the results are identical. For this survey, 2,774 participants were selected and 1,248 participants had said that they had replaced their pharmaceutical drugs with CBD. The conditions that were treated were the same.

This survey has pointed out that in states where it is legal to use marijuana for medical reasons there has been a drop in the use of pharmaceutical drugs. According to the survey this trend can be seen as proof that many people are preferring CBD oil therapy to the use of conventional therapy. It did not matter to them if the CBD oil was in topical, edible or any other form.

We are not considering anecdotal evidence alone

Even if we don’t take anecdotal evidence into consideration, we cannot deny the evidence provided by surveys. There are surveys that provide evidence that people are preferring to use CBD oil instead of pharmaceutical drugs. The above-mentioned surveys have provided evidence to this regard.

There have many studies that provided evidence to this regard. However, the difference between those studies and the two mentioned above is the size and the evidence provided. These two surveys had provided evidence that is clearer than the ones provided by other studies. The surveys are agreeing with a fact that has known to us for many years now. That fact is that CBD oil products can be used in the place of many of the expensive and highly addictive pharmaceutical drugs.

Final thoughts on CBD therapy can be used in the place of pharmaceutical drugs

The evidence supporting the use of CBD therapy in the place of pharmaceutical drugs is becoming clearer by the day. We have surveys that suggest nearly 50% of the people who suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia, and pain showing some preference for CBD therapy instead of pharmaceutical drugs.

True there is no clinical data or statistical data that can support our claim, but we wish to point out that surveys and studies have provided evidence. Before we were forced to use anecdotal evidence to support the use of CBD therapy in the place of pharmaceutical drugs. Now we are slowly gathering surveys and studies that provide evidence in favor of CBD therapy over pharmaceutical drugs.


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