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Take Ambien in the right dose for better sleep

Ambien is a medication often prescribed for patients suffering from insomnia. The drug is known to affect chemicals in the brain associated with sleeping disorders. It contains the active ingredient zolpidem of varying dosages alongside inactive ingredient that usually tends to vary depending on the manufacturer.

The drug is often prescribed for the short-term usually between two and six weeks for the treatment of insomnia. It is known to affect sleep initiation issues and is not effective in maintaining sleep in the individual. It is commonly available in the extended release and controlled release form of varying dosages ranging between 5mg and 10mg.

Now, Ambien may be bought at both online as well as retail outlets. Here thirty tablets of Ambien 10mg costs between $485 and $512, for ninety it ranges between $1400 and $1550 across leading retailers in the country. The cost of 5mg tablets depends on the number of pills bought; thirty pills cost around $440 while ninety pills cost in excess of $1100.

However, long-term users of Ambien do not generally buy the medication from retail outlets often turning to online pharmacies from their requirements. This is due to the fact that online drugstores offer a lot of value for the money besides cheap prices of Ambien providing quick delivery, bulk orders, discounts, offer coupons, rebates, services of a dedicated team of online doctors, pharmacists and customer support.

The online prices of Ambien are usually low due to three reasons,

  1. Strict regulation of prices listed on foreign online pharmacies, especially Canadian drugstores in line with market rates of the medication sold across the world.
  2. Supply and demand
  3. Intense Competition: Online pharmacies are known to compete with each other fiercely, vying to gain the same customer thereby offering him a whole host of option along with it.

Thirty pills of Ambien 10mg costs $133, sixty costs $228 and ninety costs $284. There is a reduced cost of Ambien pill as the customer buys higher and higher quantities. When combined with discounts the online and retail prices tend to be leagues apart. Generally, customers are benefitted tremendously buying cheap Ambien online with discounts, rebates and offer coupons that further reduce the prices anywhere between thirty and fifty percent of the listed cost.

What are the dosages and forms of Ambien available online?

Ambien is usually available in the extended and controlled release tablets. The extended-release variant contains 6.25mg and 12.5mg while the controlled release form contains 5mg and 10mg dosages respectively. However, the dosage is usually kept low in the beginning in order to study the patient’s response rate and recovery before being prescribed the higher variants.

It is a pretty commonly prescribed drug and the duration of medication depends on the medical condition of the patient. Usually, the duration of medication varies from anything between two and six weeks depending on the severity of the disorder.

In general, patients are often subjected to treatment with both medications as well as psychological sessions. It has been further proved that the recovery rates from the disorder remained the same for both types of treatment, medication and psychological intervention.

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