What Are The Major Benefits Of Ice Bath Therapy?

Ice Bath? Yes, you read it right! Take a quick dip in freezing water. This method is very effective to treat and heal injuries and relieve tension in the muscles. This increases the endurance level of athletes and trainers. You might have seen athletes, fitness lovers, and weekend warriors jumping into a pool full of iced water after an intense workout or heavy activities. It is quite a common practice and technically it is known as cold-water immersion (CWI) or cryotherapy.

The benefit of doing so is that it helps relax sore muscles and improves the mood of the person. After an intense physical exercise, immersing yourself in an ice water bathtub for about 15 mins effectively relieves muscle pain and soreness.

Does Taking an ice water shower work on psychological well-being?

Though it seems like a fun activity it does have numerous health benefits both for your physical and mental well being

Swimming in an ice water pool significantly reduces anxiety and depression as your thoughts are focused on reaching your goal. This is a great exercise to perform to improve mindfulness. The body’s production of endorphins helps battle stressful feelings.

It elevates your mood and confidence due to the increased rush of adrenaline in the body. Endorphin production also plays a major role to boost confidence, mood, and performance.

How Effective is an Ice Bath for Sore muscles?

Tired in the wake of performing heavy activities, your companion could have suggested you take an ice water bath, and en route to doing such, you may be considering what are its expected advantages and whether it wise to expose your body to that temperature. Well, it is worth it and there are numerous associated with indulging in this activity after intense physical work.

It eases and relaxes the aching muscles. Most athletes mandatorily take an ice bath. Apart from making them feel good, it develops their endurance and relaxes burning muscles.

Ice Bath for athletes

A post-workout plunge into an ice bath must be the most welcoming thought and activity. Athletes and trainers subject their bodies to so much physical activity and strain that once they finish their session they feel sore and tired. Under such circumstances getting into a bath filled with ice makes them feel like heaven. The soreness, tiredness, tightness, aches, and pains all go away in just a single bath making them feel rejuvenated. This is quite a common practice in people in this field.

How long should one take an ice bath?

If you are worn out, tired, and injured after a heavy workout, researchers recommend you take an ice bath as it effectively relieves you of the aforementioned conditions. The alleviation that you experience in the wake of taking an ice bath is due to the muscle tissues fixing themselves and as the ice water eliminates lactic corrosive from the body-the muscle weakness guilty party.

Step by step instructions for an ice bath,

  •   Start by putting less ice in the water and then increase them as per the tolerance level of your body
  •   You can bathe up however long you can yet the suitable time not surpass an excess of 15 mins. Try not to push your body past its cutoff points
  •   The uncovered parts of your body ought to be kept warm. You can drink hot fluids like tea or decaffeinated espresso to hold the temperature of your body back from dropping excessively low.

Key Takeaways

Despite its numerous advantages, certain things should be kept in mind before you take an ice bath. The research on this practice is quite limited and it is recommended that one should make use of this therapy only occasionally and chronic use is highly not recommended.

Though it is still debated as to why athletes take an ice water bath, it should be done properly. Make sure to follow the necessary guideline and maintain the right temperature


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