What Is The Widely Known 3-3-3 Rule For Anxiety?


It is wise to keep our mental and physical health under control and in check.  Most teens and adolescents suffer from one or other kinds of mental disorders and it seems quite common these days.
Anxiety and depression are the most common ones that affect all people irrespective of their race, nationality, or gender. When it is difficult to manage in regular times then one can imagine the impact Covid 19 would have on the minds of people. Staying indoors had made people go mad and efficiently took a toll on their mental health.

As a coping mechanism for anxiety, we try to tell ourselves that” everything is for the greater good” and calm ourselves with  “positive vibes”. Psychiatrists say that is not the right way to deal with this and rather than improving the condition it only further alleviates it.
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How To Cope With Anxiety:

It does come unannounced. When feeling an overwhelming sense of fear or worry take a deep relaxing breath. Think about the situation you are worried about, identify what about the situation is making you feel anxious, and accept it.

The most commonly applied rule for controlling anxiety is the c. This helps the person focus on the present moment rather than worrying about what is yet to happen.

How Does This ‘3-3-3 rule’ Work:

Take a look around you. Take time to enjoy your surroundings.  Name three sounds that you hear around you, then move three parts of your body, any parts be it your hands, fingers, or toes, and then point in the direction of three things you see.

Doing this exercise when you are anxious can stop your brain from wandering around, imagining things unknown, creating situations unseen at 1000 miles per hour.  This exercise brings the person back to the current situation thereby pausing your episode of an oncoming anxiety attack.

Here is how you do it stepwise;

  • Inhale slowly and deeply. Try to unite all your senses
  • Follow the 3-3-3 rule.
  • Tell your friend about how you are feeling at the moment
  • Tell yourself that the feeling is normal and that anyone can experience this

Imagine that you are planting a seed within yourself. Know that this seed will not grow in harsh and harmful environments. The seed represents your health and the negative feeling of anxiousness is the harsh condition. Therefore nurture the seed with utmost care to ensure that it grows into a healthy tree.

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