Can you take Xanax and Alcohol

People who are suffering from anxiety issues can buy Xanax from online pharmacies without a prescription legally these days. Xanax contains Alprazolam as the active ingredient in it. This substance is well known to interact with Alcohol. Due to this occurrence, there are high chances for side effects to occur in the body.

How Does Xanax work on the brain?

When Xanax is taken, it is well known that the substance would act on the central nervous system. The patients with anxiety disorder would find a certain imbalance in the natural chemicals that are present in the brain. It is a must that the chemicals should be in the balanced form only then a person would be calm and relaxed.

Xanax would help you to achieve this by converting imbalanced chemicals into balanced form.

How Does Alcohol work on the brain?

When you consume alcohol this would act on the central nervous system. Alcohol acts as a suppressant in the brain. So, you would feel drowsy and high. Even if you are going to consume a little amount of alcohol the working mechanism of it is still the same. When taking more alcohol the effects would be very much severe.

Xanax and alcohol interaction

Consumption of alcohol while taking Xanax is very dangerous. In general, it is a must that you have to avoid the consumption of alcohol with Xanax drug.

You have to know that whatever you consume would be broken down by certain compounds. Here, Xanax and alcohol happen to be broken down by similar kind of compounds. After this, they both are to be cleared by the same liver enzymes. It takes a prolonged period of time to detoxify the body if you are going to consume these together.

Unfortunately, due to this, Xanax and alcohol would remain in the body for a longer span than required. Since both of them are known to work in the brain and has two different mechanisms you can really expect ill effects in your body.

There is a high risk of drug overdose, high sedation, respiratory depression, dangerous accidents, cardiac issues and loss of consciousness when you drink alcohol and take Xanax.

Those who continue to take alcohol and Xanax together should understand that they would suffer from serious cognitive and psychological consequences. Some of the ill effects that you would experience while taking Xanax and alcohol for a longer period would be depression, memory issues, depression, agitation, and sleeplessness. Taking it both at the same time would make you get addicted to the Xanax drug.

Moreover, you would also suffer from withdrawal symptoms in your body once you stop taking Xanax and alcohol. Some of the ill effects are anxiety, seizure, delirium, and agitation.

It is a must that you have to get medical help if you are suffering from the ill effects. In case the symptoms are severe then there are chances for it to fade away soon. However, if it persists for a longer period then it becomes a necessity for the medical intervention so that you can be safe.

What to follow during Xanax consumption?

It is a must that you should avoid the consumption of alcohol during the Xanax treatment. The course of therapy would be only for a shorter period of time. It would be for two to three weeks only. So, it might be easy for you to avoid the intake of alcohol for a shorter span. Since the traces of Xanax would still be there in the body even after the therapy got over, you have to start the consumption of alcohol after getting a consultation with the doctor.

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